Friday, February 27, 2015

Something Happens!

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

That's right, folks:

Something Happens!

You may not be consciously aware of it, but it is true:

Something happens!

What Gives?

Have you ever found yourself meditating consistently for weeks or months at a time, maybe a few hours per day, and it seems that “nothing’s going on”? Have you ever thought you’d just cleared out ginormous quantities of false beliefs and emotional negativity, only to feel worse—because now you’re upset with the thought that “I should be feeling better”?

As any self-cultivator knows, the Path isn’t always exciting. In fact, it can sometimes be a source of struggle, frustration, uncertainty, anger, tedium, unhappiness, or all of the above and more. At times, over a period of months or even years, the feeling may arise that: Nothing is happening! I’ve done all this work and nothing is happening! What gives? :-(

We Are Always Going Forward

It is important that we be clear that if we perceive ourselves to be in the aforementioned position of “stagnance,” unless we’re deliberately (though possibly unconsciously) deluding ourselves with sham practices, false beliefs, or the savior mentality, stagnant we are not. Something is happening.

Even if we consciously perceive nothing, even if it seems we’re back-sliding, as long as we continue…
  • …self-cultivating,
  • reading the writings of “Those Who Have Been There Before,”
  • self-inquiring,
  • repeating our mantras and “doing” our meditations,
  • or practicing whatever it is that our inner knower is guiding us to do as a foundation for further spiritual awakening…
…we are always going forward.

And let’s be honest, here. Is “nothing” really happening?

I my own experience, things have continuously been happening. I’ve continuously been perceiving things I’d never noticed before. I’m forever gleaning new insights and wisdom about the nature of life solely from within myself. But because these instances are usually not sustained, majorly life-altering, or accompanied by some “high-trippin’” mystical experience, my ego tries to suggest that they’re not much of anything at all.

But of course they are! And in a way it can be said that a lot of these little shifts add up to a pretty darn big one.

Awakening and Proof of Movement

On 12/12/12 I experienced a partial kundalini awakening. Soon thereafter I read Be Here Now by Ram Dass for the first time. My expectation (if I can say I’d had any) was that it would be “just another spiritual book.”

Nothing could have been further from the truth.

When reading books by “Those Who Have Been There Before” in the past, my experiences seemed neutral—like reading an encyclopedia. Sure, my beliefs may have changed or I’d have expanded my knowledge base or perhaps had learned new exercises. But in moments of reading I would have had to say reading seemed solely a mental activity.

Post-awakening, when reading Be Here Now—Woah! I’ll be "merely" reading the text when suddenly I’ll get an energy surge. Sensation in my root chakra will go from 0-60 in about .8 seconds and I’ll start shaking or laughing or my abs will tense and release in rapid succession. Usually this is brief; though one time I’d shaken for about 15 minutes, all the while moving to different positions on the floor as I repeated words of love and gratitude to varying aspects of All That Is.

This all being stuff that, regardless of all the self-cultivative work I'd been doing, I could never have expected or foreseen even in the moments just prior to the reading. (…And the kundalini awakening itself! Where did that ever come from!?)

Vibrational Transference

Which brings me to a valuable point.

I’d known intellectually for a number of years that we pick up vibrational/energetic “data” from others on what is usually an unconscious level; that without any particular word or action by a given person, each of us radiates an unseen energy affecting all around us.

To recognize this so vividly at an experiential level has been profound. Not only is what has transpired living proof that something happens, but it reveals that something happens all the time; the potential energy for such being always available—everywhere—everywhen. There’s simply no other way.

To the average Joe, Be Here Now would look like nothing more than ink on paper. Heck, that’s what it looked like to me, too. It still does. But the feel of it, the feel when looking at it and holding it, when reading it… It’s inundated with such passion; with purpose, presence, and power. Its whole everything carries such an immense and unfathomable positive energy that emanates out into every fiber of one’s being.

The energy is always there in that book, because it's the energy put into the book when written. Just as there is energy in every other book…and video and audio recording and conversation and every piece of craftsmanship and every bite of food and every person we meet and every thought, word, and deed we “keep private” or share with others.

And the positive or negative energy—the vibration—that each thing carries affects us all depending upon such factors as it's degree of purity or filth, our proximity to it, and our state of being in relation to it. We just don’t normally realize as much because we are intellectually unaware and physically, emotionally, and energetically unattuned.

So Keep At It!

That said, as much as your present moment circumstances allow for, continue…
  • …surrounding yourself with those things…
  • …visiting those places and meeting those people…
  • …thinking, saying, and doing whatever it is…
  • …watching, listening to, eating, and reading the stuff…
…you consider to be of a higher, lighter vibration.

Because, truly, something happens!

Note: This text is a modified version of a post originally published on 1/16/13 to former personal blog “Without a Story.”

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