Wednesday, June 3, 2015

When Is a Car Not a Car? When it’s a Mirror!

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

If you’re supposed to make a wish when you see 11:11, what do you do when you see 5555.5?

Quantum Physics and the Illusion We Call “Reality”

In regard to quantum physics, in 1801 there was done what is known as the “Double Slit Experiment.” What this essentially showed us is that energy doesn’t matter, per say, unless it matters to an observer.

Said differently: The energy which comprises everything is of a wave form in its natural state. Only upon observation does it break into particles and “concretely” become whatever it is the one observing it perceives it should be based on conscious or subconscious processes.

This means that not only is life an illusion, but each of us experience our own personal illusion which meshes unfathomably well with everyone else’s personal illusion. We truly are living in what the sages have told us for eons and science currently describes as a “Holographic Universe.”

This is a pretty big deal, for it reveals to us that nothing in life is actually “out there” but all “in here.”

As above, so below.
As within, so without

A Wide-Eyed Observation

I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of us would agree that we all have life lessons. After all, if we’re not each here as individuals to learn something more or less distinctive, what in the world would we, as individuals, exist for? We wouldn’t, because personal development within a greater whole is our uniquely collective purpose.

With this in mind and pairing it with the scientific concept offered above, with an astute and open mind (and perhaps a bit more all-around awareness), we might then make the following observation:

If reality is a wave of energy that doesn’t actually appear to solidify until I observe it, then I am actually the creator of my life experience. Through the power of my conscious and subconscious minds I am responsible for every experience I have.

Similarly, everything “out there” is not then just “another thing,” per se, but an aspect of my own being. Just as this body is “mine” and I can use my awareness of how it feels as guidance on what to eat or avoid, so too is everything else in my experience potentially a means for me to attain from “out there” guidance of the goings-on “in here.”

This observation would be correct.

My Trusty Guide: A 2007 Subaru Legacy

For 2 years my health hasn’t been too healthy. I’m getting better, but the truth is that I’ve been very stubborn—very, very stubborn—when it comes to change. Self-sabotage has been the name of my game, and the badge on my sleeve saying “Victim” has nearly been worn off. (I'd like to think I'll be done manually removing the stitching first.)

Through most of the process, even were I to not yet get out of bed in the morning, I could have said on any given day what it is I'd physically need to avoid to help me heal. For instance: “When I eat cookies my thyroid gland hurts, my blood-sugar goes berserk, and I perpetuate constipation and candida. Today I will not eat cookies.” Unfortunately, my will power was almost nil for the first year and a half of my health odyssey.

And so, while I potentially could have overcome the issues “in here” by reading and heeding the obvious symptomatic guidance of the closest thing I have “out there”—my physical body—I opted near-daily instead for eating 4, 5, or 10 cookies uncontrollably. As a reflection of repeatedly digging my inner hole deeper, I drove the mirror of life to provide me more powerful guidance further “out there.”

Enter Subaru Legacy stage left.

Below I’ve listed a few car-related issues I’ve had while sick and how they correlated to my life experience at those times. I think they’re a great way to offer examples of the holographic universe at work; to show how my created “reality” is one where my car troubles carry invaluable meaning, when someone else’s “reality” might reveal those same troubles as anything from ordinary wear and tear to punishment by an angry god.

The Issues

Water in the Cabin
  • The Legacy was designed such that the air conditioner’s semi-open drainage path runs through the cabin air filter system, some of which is located just behind the glove box but within the cabin. As it happens, when the filter isn’t replaced in a timely manner, filth can build up, get into the open area of the drain system, and then clog the drain tube. This makes for a water backup… right into the passenger side of the car.
  • This overflow issue occurred roughly 5 months after I’d begun eating my emotional hurt like a horse and just before I realized I had an intestinal yeast infection (about 1.5 years ago). Though I didn’t consider it until now in mid-2015, this instance was a metaphor for the overload of unrelieved emotion trauma I'd suppressed within—that is, I didn’t properly filter my inner gunk in a timely manner to allow for healthy emotional flow… The key here is in the recognition of water being a universal sign for emotion, or “energy in motion.” When we’re not letting our emotions flow naturally, when we don’t accept what is but rather suppress it “in here,” things that use water “out there” will blow out, leak, etc. Similarly, the intense droughts we’re seeing (at least here in the US) are merely a reflection of our continued collective unwillingness to let go of old, useless emotional hurts.

5555.5 Miles
  • After driving somewhere or another I arrived at home and parked to see “5555.5” miles on the odometer.
  • “5” is a number of change. It seems to me that I see a lot of 5-number sequences (55 and 555, mostly) with an almost ridiculous frequency when I’m feeling my crappiest. To me, 5-number sequences indicate that change is beckoning big time, but I need to let go of the internal baggage so I can heal and actually take advantage of the shift in energies and their respective alteration of my life experience. I can’t recall what the 5555.5 was specifically about; I can only repeat that I’ve been amazingly stubborn and have often needed cosmic wallops to get me going in a more positive direction. Also, I’ve found that “feeling my crappiest” commonly occurs when my troubled dieting is the most misaligned. This often peaks with “major” lunar cycles (no, half, or full). It is no mistake that the moon relates to water and tides: for me, as the emotional “tide” rises with the moon, so do my eating difficulties tend to worsen.

No Parking
  • One day during a period when I was eating too many chips and baked goods—and knew damn well that such food was wrecking what little good health I had—I had to drop my sister off for work at the local market. After letting her out and some inner hemming and hawing, I decided I’d go in to get a piece of cake. So I pulled into a parking spot and shifted from drive to… reverse… back to drive… and again to reverse. The shifter refused to move from reverse to park. So, I went home, shifted the car into neutral (wink, wink) put on the E-Brake (wink, wink), and turned the car off… I soon learned that some Subarus are known to have a shifter issue where the shifter doesn’t always go into or out of park. Indeed, it seems that most people have a problem getting out of park, whereas I could not get into it. Lucky for me, newer Subaru models have incorporated a little capped hole in the center console plate that overlays the transmission shifter stick assembly. This simply needs to be popped off and a pencil or something can be stuck in to push a button and get things working again.
  • For some this is a daily occurrence, and for others it’s a costly fix. For me, it happened once or twice and never happened again. Why? I “got” it. In a rather potent way, I was being guided to not stop to get cake—just as I then knew I shouldn’t have. I was being given guidance that I need to “override the dysfunction,” so to speak; to put the “E-Brake” on my crap-food eating and take a more “neutral” dietary stance.

Airbag Light
  • Then there’s this other instance where I periodically began seeing the red “AIRBAG” light come on in the dashboard paired with quirky lighting of the passenger airbag on/off indicator. Checking into it online, I found the probable cause: Behind the moonroof control panel and display there is a circuit board which has a poorly placed and soldered component. This can potentially cause errant signaling between the car’s computer and the passenger seat which uses a weight sensor to determine if the passenger airbag should be on or off. For both obvious and not so obvious reasons, this can be problematic to many people.
  • Of course, I took the metaphysical route for resolution to this issue. The guidance here was that I needed to reevaluate my diet because I was hurting myself (which, as usual, I knew on some level but was stubborn about changing). The “AIRBAG” light was my warning sign of an impending “crash” should I not get myself in check.

Ignition? More Like “Ig-nothing.”
  • I went out to my car one morning and turned the key in the ignition… but nothing ignited. Just dead silence. The dashboard lit up, the electrical seemed fine, but so much as a peep from the engine compartment? No. So, I did some research and found a few possible $100+ (w/o labor) causes. On trying to start the car several hours later, my first attempt was a dud. On my second attempt, I first shifted the car into neutral (wink, wink) and then gave the key a turn. Ol’ Trusty started right up! I drove around the block and parked, then turned the car off and turned it right back on again—in park, as usual. I concluded that there was an issue with the “neutral starter switch” which, if normal readings are off, will only allow the car to start in neutral.
  • At this time I was on a higher carb lower fat diet. I’d initially noticed some amazing results eating this way as compared to anything else I’d tried and was working it in different ways to see what might work best. At the time of non-ignition I was eating quite a bit of fruit and thinking it probably wasn’t the best of ideas but was rather slow to change. If I were in better health and/or more active, then fine. But it was too much too soon and causing me some troubles. No surprise then that the very thing to get my attention is termed a “neutral starter switch”… Which, if you haven’t assumed, ceased to be a problem and didn’t cost a dime to fix. I “got” the cosmic hint, I eased my stubbornness, and I shifted to more of a neutral diet.

A Simple Resolution

With each of these instances I could have perceived my experience through the lens of egoic fear, worry, helplessness, etc. I could have immediately thought the worst of my situation, focusing solely without instead of inquiring of the greater answer within. I could have taken my car to the shop (or had it towed there) multiple times and spent a few hundred or thousand on issues which, usually, cost me nothing but a greater willingness to change.

While I do acknowledge that my prior releasing of stress-causing internal garbage has helped to keep me present when things go awry, there is something else I’ve learned to do which makes these experiences even smoother. I word a simple statement: May this issue be resolved with ease and grace. Then I trust that it will be so.

Then after a relatively small amount of both internet and “inner-net” research, the multi-level issue is made clear. I do what I have to do to validate and follow through on my research and intuition, and everything sets itself straight with, of course, ease and grace.

The Signs Are Everywhere

While I took this article in the direction of car issues, the fact is that signs are everywhere for everyone—it’s just a matter of whether or not our eyes (all three) are attuned to them.

This is so because by the nature of life, as the sages have suggested and science has shown, what comes into each of our lives is actually an extension of what resides somewhere within our consciousness, both personally and collectively, consciously and subconsciously.

If you don’t have a car or your car seems to be working just fine, what about a computer? Do you have one of them?

Does it seem like the battery is dying too fast?
  • How are your adrenal glands functioning?
  • Are you tired all the time?
  • Are you eating at least as many calories per day as you are burning?
Does your "Enter" key get stuck?
  • Do you forever feel rushed to get to the "next line" in life?
Are the speakers fuzzy?
  • Do you have trouble listening to others?
  • Is there excessive "static" in your mind?

One's home is another great example for there is such a variety of things within one’s house. The number of points of potential degradation and/or failure is astronomical—foundations, lighting, appliances, piping, roofing, and on and on. If perhaps on the overwhelming side, the insight one can gain from their home can be astounding.

You know, we go rant and rave to others: "Oh, my garbage disposal [wink, wink] burned out again so I bought a new one, and they’re made cheap as shit nowadays, and I can't afford it, and blah, blah, blah.” Little do we realize it's all external blather coming from a perception which sees only the effects of underlying causes and is thus only ever able to create new effects by altering old effects.

The truth is that the cause is always within and so that’s where we must look if we truly want positive change. We are not the victims we indirectly tell ourselves and everyone else that we are. I mean, we are, sort of. But we’re victims to our own "in here" processes, not the dysfunction (or apparent dysfunction) of anything or anyone "out there."

Life isn’t an accident. Not even a car “accident” is an accident. It all may look random, but I can assure you just as science will, that we are electro-magnetic beings in a holographic universe—what we are physically and what exists within us consciously and, more often than not, not-so-consciously is what we literally attract to or repel from ourselves.

But that’s preposterous, one may argue. The odds that my car of the billions ever sold having a rare problem that aligns precisely with a personal internal dysfunction is so infinitely low. You can't tell me that 10 years ago I drew myself to the car that would have a certain problem precisely when I'd internally have what would appear to align with it.

If I cannot tell you, then I'll say little else. Only this:
  1. Forget time and space. It may appear that you sit in the car, but, really, the car sits in you.
  2. In the illusion we see life through the finite pinhole of probabilities, when reality is the infinite expanse of possibilities. See it as possible “in here,” and you will understand clearly how it is possible “out there.”

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