Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Problem-Solution Paradox

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

The Problem-Solution Paradox

The present moment
—the Now, the only moment for all eternity—
is One, Complete, Whole.

Yet we perceive “problems” and conceive “solutions.”

How can this be?

In reality, there exists no true “problem” for such can only arise when the mind interjects and breaks things into past- or future-based separate-appearing components which create a seeming incompleteness—a “problem.”

For which we then seek to resolve—to re-solve—with a “solution”… Which, consequently, is just another “problem” if not drawn from the wholeness of Now.

For, indeed, in the eternal Now moment there exists no “problem” or “solution” to begin with.

Just One, Complete, Whole.

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