Monday, December 21, 2015

The Opposites That Aren’t Opposites

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

Dualistic Poles: The Opposites That Aren’t Opposites

Somehow we continue missing the inherent nature of life: Oneness.

Even though it's right in front of us at all times, we keep managing to look right past it. What we see instead is duality:
  • This is cold; that is hot.
  • This is light; that is dark.
  • This is sound; that is silent.
  • This is hard; that is soft.
  • This is healthy; that is diseased.

Yet this duality is a duality that doesn’t actually exist. It’s imagined. Because there’s no such thing, for example, as so-called “hot” or “cold.” Yes, relatively so. But “relatively so” is not real, much as it might be what we focus all of our attention on.

What is real is an ever-prevalent transference of energy between what appears to be two absolute poles in which, no matter what level of energy—i.e.: “temperature”—is sensed relatively, all is of the same one give-take system.

So, “coldness” is not “coldness” but is the absence of a higher level of energy, one we’d term “warmth.” “Coldness” and “warmth,” then, if it could be said in the following way, are in an eternal dance of balance. When “coldness” departs, “warmth” immediately replaces it, and vice versa. But, not really, because there is no distinction; there is no true point in the infinity to delineate and say: “This is where coldness ends and warmth begins.”

Even if we go to the point of a duality such as “healthy” versus “diseased,” still there is something ultimately short-sighted in this.

For even the fungal growth that is cancer, horrible though it may be to the relative perspective, is merely another form of life growing where the conditions for its existence prevail. By all means, if a person experiences cancer, I whole-heartedly support their effort to heal, to alter the conditions allowing it to develop. But in an absolute sense, there is nothing inherently “wrong” with cancer. It is not personal nor is there actually any "disease" about it.

When we look at a tree fallen over in the forest and see it run through with rot and having mushrooms grown on it, do we think: Oh, God, that must be terrible for the tree. What a horror this is?

Yes, if we’re still stuck in a fully dualistic and illusory mindset, we do. But in taking the bird’s eye view we think nothing of it whatsoever because there’s nothing “wrong.” There came an emptying of life from the tree, the tree’s protective mechanisms ceased to be, and so new life forms took up residence as circumstance permitted.

It’s the cycle of life:
  1. Life grows.
  2. Life dies.
  3. Death creates a void.
  4. Void is filled with new life.
  5. Wash, rinse, repeat.
Such is the way of existence: An eternal flux and balancing of seeming opposites having uncounted “points” between which, really, is all and only ever an indifferentiable Oneness.

And it’s this way of existence that, when known and observed from a necessarily nonjudgmental mindset, effects in the observer the peace, acceptance, and gratitude and the like endlessly sought out, yet never found, in the realm of perceptual polarities.

Experiential Self-Proof of the Concept of Oneness

I’m now going to offer you an anecdote from my own life and then provide you with a very simple method that can prove to you experientially the truth of what I’ve written.

About five years ago during a karate class, part of an exercise set required that I do a limit-breaking number of “mountain-climbers.” Since my shoulders were relatively weak and this exercise places a good deal of tension on them, it wasn’t uncommon in times prior for me to take a rest in the middle of a set.

On one occasion, however, as my shoulders began to seriously burn halfway through the set, I focused my attention sharply on my shoulders. I made the conscious thought: I am energy. At my very deepest level, I am nothing more than energy. Energy cannot tire.

Within about three seconds, all pain and weakness in my shoulders ceased. I finished off the mountain-climbers feeling as though I’d not done any.

The nature of life is energy. It’s everywhere and everything, and, as it has no polarity, it just is. We may not perceive it as such, but that certainly doesn’t make room for negation—it’s merely that our perception isn’t picking up on it.

For a brief moment when in karate class, I was able to tap into the greater energetic truth of life. I was able to momentarily realize within myself the wholeness of my inherent nature. (A nature that belongs to all of us.) I was no longer a “weak” human; I was no longer a “limited” human (if only in the sense of what I’d been seeking to accomplish). I was no longer at the “lower” end of the spectrum believing that I had to work my way up to the “higher” end of the spectrum. Contrarily, in that short period, I became, so to speak, the energy “spectrum” itself.

For you, the reader, you could try what I did if you’d like. I’m not sure it will work because life, as far as I’ve seen, tends to be quite personal—the “miracles” and epiphanies of another rarely if ever become one’s own.

Regardless, here are a few ideas of varying sorts to play around with that are likely to work for anyone. Be aware that the results typically come as an internal kind of feeling or knowing-without-knowing. You’ll recognize something is different, but may not readily be able to point precisely at what the difference is.
  • When you’re out in the cold and are catching a chill, recall that there is only what is, that “cold” does not exist.
  • When you’re reading the news and think, This is some bad stuff, take a pause and inquire as to where the absolute point is exactly at which “good” and “bad” separate or are defined.
  • When loud noises abound and you think, “Oh, how I would love silence right now,” although full quiet may be preferential, reassess whether there is as much noise as at first it seems. (Hint: Focus on the spaces beneath, between, and within the noises.)

So there you go. Give these suggestions a shot. If you want to work at more on your own, the key is to choose characteristics you’ve perceived as dualistic and then from a state of Oneness perception pull out whatever it is you’re looking for. This "whatever it is" generally being only as limited as you.

And remember: Whatever comes to you, it's Oneness responding to itself.

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