Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Force of Attraction and Kundalini Awakening

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

The Force of Attraction

The way life-as-we-know-it works is such that we attract to ourselves that which is embedded within us. What is manifest in our physical experience is what is already within the various realms of our mind, individually and collectively. This reflective nature both allows us to see any discord between our perception and Reality so we can heal it, and it allows us to enjoy concretely what is already whole.

For instance, if we have a mental issue that causes us to hate Germans, Germans will regularly play some role in our lives. Maybe such a family moves in next door to us, maybe our company sends us to Germany on business trips, maybe our daughter tells us over dinner one night how she met this wonderful German boy at college who accidentally got her pregnant. There are infinite possibilities, all happening seamlessly and synchronistically for our higher good. (As much as we might argue otherwise.)

Of course, these circumstances could arise anyway, even if we don’t hate Germans. This is our opportunity to be at peace with and enjoy what is, no healing necessary. It’s just that what is negatively perceived is more likely to come into our lives both because the negative is what most people focus on most of the time* (no, not an easy one to admit) and because all seeming duality/separateness of life must return to wholeness.

[*No matter how airy-fairy-all-is-well we behave on the outside, if our subconscious mind is in a state of dis-integration, our life experience will remain prone to struggle and suffering. As the saying goes: Like attracts like. In most cases things only appear different because the likeness is hidden to our conscious awareness.]

If we were to honestly examine our lives, we’d see that there’s a great deal that discomforts us in our daily experience of life. While it may at times be true to say some brave souls have taken on crazy difficult life experiences for reasons only God knows, the majority of times we’ve attracted all our troubles to ourselves. They are Life’s way of saying: Hey! You’ve got this blockage. It’s right here, right now. See it. Acknowledge it. This is your opportunity to experience it fully and heal it.

Following the instance above, imagine that we hate Germans but never interact with them in any way, shape, or form. If the triggers needed for awareness had nothing to pull them, we’d never experience the discomfort indicative of our imbalances. How then could we heal?

The Kundalini Shift: Healing In Overdrive

The programs embedded within us normally play out throughout the course of our lives in such a way that we can easily continue to ignore and suppress them as well as blame the problems they cause on someone or something else. This tends to lead to a relatively steady life, where “steady” means: We’re not growing where these programs are active and nothing is really changing because we keep playing the same dramas out over and over again. Very likely, we won’t even see the programs because we simply don’t have the awareness for it or the motivation to develop that awareness if we do notice something askew.

With timing only God knows, this awareness can shift in what is often termed a “spiritual awakening,” or “waking up.” The occurrence of this prods us to change in any of a number of ways and helps us to see some of our inner junk more readily. Regardless, because the awakening is usually abrupt and reveals how falsely we’d been living—just a minor inconvenience, right?—we may still choose avoidance. Life will probably become harder because we cannot unsee, but we still have room to pretend we didn’t see.

When the inner purifier that is kundalini awakens, the force that attracts to us what we need to grow suddenly skyrockets. This means that the number of physical, mental, and emotional experiences we perceive to cause difficulty and the intensity of those experiences may both increase substantially. Fears, false beliefs, unintegrated emotional hurt—it all comes up for healing, sometimes with a nearly unbearable weight.

Kundalini is like shining a spotlight into a coal mine. The initial flood of light is blinding and usually blissful. But when the eyes adjust and we can see what such a brilliant light has revealed, well, there’s just… a lot… of filth.

Which is quite outstanding if we can willingly and promptly take full responsibility and burn through all of our issues and learn their lessons with ease.

Not so great if we can’t.

Divine Fire: Be Careful What You Wish For

I share this because sometimes the unawakened have a way of getting caught up in the egoic hoopla of bliss, joy, and inexplicability of other’s stories of their kundalini experiences. I want it! ego shouts. My life sucks! Bliss me out, baby!

Sometimes these unawakened ones will go so far as to try to force their kundalini to awaken, an experience that should come by Divine Grace only.

If I can make a strong recommendation to you assuming you’ve not had a run-in with kundalini yet, it would be this:

Be patient. Do not force your awakening.

I have no intention of discrediting the Ultimate “Ends” implicit of awakened kundalini. Nor will I attempt to deny the bliss or joy or insight or whatever other wonderful things that may arise with its release (although these things can easily become egoic attachments). But it’s important to acknowledge that playing with kundalini is playing with Divine Fire. With intensity, it seeks to purify all three places of impurity within us:
  1. Those we know about,
  2. Those we don’t know about, and
  3. Those we don’t want to know about.
And once kundalini has been “turned on,” we cannot turn it off. Any attempt would be resistance, and resistance will only make matters worse.

A Conscious Journey

Sure, it may be that kundalini sets the stage for “the peace which passeth all understanding,” just as it may bring periods of that peace throughout the unfoldment of the awakening process. But woe to the one who ignorantly believes its rising will bring endless ecstasy and the magical disappearance of all internal strife.

It could be said that awakened kundalini is a signal for the ego to put on its death grip. When the initial experience of rainbows and gumdrops fades away (assuming psychosis isn’t induced from the get-go), life can become very difficult (think: Dark Night[s] of the Soul) until an indeterminate point of inner purity and balance is attained.

We need to be making a conscious effort—physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually—to make space for kundalini if and when it should arise. We should not, however, be arrogantly forcing it to rise believing that its awakening is going to make the space for us.

We are all on an evolutionary journey, folks. A journey in which kundalini is the evolutionary impulse.

One way or another we will all “get there.” We will all have our awakening when our time is ripe.

If we think we need to force it, then we're not ready for it.

Let’s trust the process. It’s divinely planned, after all.


Here are a few kundalini-related resources I'm familiar with. If you have an interest in kundalini or you or someone you know is going through the awakening process, you may find the information contained within these resources to be quite useful.

Wikipedia: "Kundalini"

Website/Book: The Biology of Kundalini

Book: Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening

Note: This text is a modified version of a post originally published on 8/8/13 to former personal blog “Without a Story.”

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