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7 Reasons Why Your Prayers Go "Unheard"

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

Let’s now look at 7 reasons why prayers seemingly go unheard. Why, even though you may firmly believe that God has an “open door” policy, it appears to you he must either be out at the water cooler telling jokes or busy checking his Facebook feed. Briefly, these 7 reasons are:
  1. You’re being selfish.
  2. You’re still being selfish—and hypocritical.
  3. You’re praying in fear.
  4. You’re impatient.
  5. You’re praying in lack.
  6. You’ve already been answered or will be at a moment’s notice—the “right” moment’s notice.
  7. Your prayers are said in kindness, but you’re otherwise a miserable person.
Just before looking at each of these reasons in depth, including associated resolutions, you first need to understand what prayer is and how it functions.

What is Prayer?

Prayer is thought.

That’s it.

Prayer is thought. Thought is energy. As all is One and separation is only an illusion, our thoughts can’t and don’t connect to some “higher” being “out there somewhere.” To the contrary, our prayers, or thoughts, are energetic impulses which interact with the seen and unseen collective of energy known as the "Universe" and "God" around and within us.

The Universe then responds. Indeed, the Universe can’t not respond, because non-response would defy the Law of Cause and Effect. Whatever we ask for in life will always be responded to. It is personal perception that determines whether or not we recognize an answer… Indicating that it’s we who may be at the water cooler, not God.

It’s also vital to know that when the Universe responds, it responds in kind, or based on the Law of Like Resonance/Vibration. Meaning: If your state of consciousness while praying is joy or peace, you will get something positive in return; if your state of consciousness is fear, your negativity will be returned to you.

Also be aware that thoughts are “as is.” Each thought carries some small amount of energetic mass or it simply wouldn’t exist. What really gives our thoughts power and direction is the amount and flavor of emotional energy put behind them.

Now that we have a simple yet effective definition of prayer and prayer’s functioning, let’s look at 7 the reasons why you may perceive God as taking an extended lunch break and resolutions for each.

Reason 1: You’re being selfish.

In example and explanation of this one, let’s consider the cases when a loved one is in a near-death state. They’d just experienced a severe physical trauma and are currently in the intensive care unit, probably soon to die.

From the moment you hear of this, you shift into fear and worry mode. While this is understandable, it’s also a drop into negativity. This shouldn’t/can’t be happening. How could God let this happen? You’re impulse is to get praying that this loved one recovers to full health ASAP.

However… What if it’s not in this person’s soul path to recover? What if the person has been deeply depressed inside (which you very well may not know) and subconsciously willed his or her “accident” to happen as a means of exit? What if there’s a lesson in it for everyone else to learn to let go?

Many possible questions arise here that we may or may not ever know the answers to. What we can know is that it’s not in our place to pray for someone based on beliefs and fears which, though appearing real and valid to us personally, don't have any bearing in higher truth or hold alignment with the one being prayed for. Should their soul energy be trying to go out while we and 150+ family members and friends are praying fiercely to keep it in, we get involved in an unpleasant and unkind energetic tug-o-war.

Reason 1 Resolution:
In instances such as these, you could get as clear as you can as to what beliefs and feelings you think would arise if trauma did occur. For example, fear suggests that you don’t trust Life, while asking how God could let the event happen suggests you feel betrayed by God and blame him for this. These are triggers just waiting to be pulled and would be best worked out now, before unexpected trauma arises.

In terms of prayer, you might say something along the lines of, “May you receive the highest and best.” Sure, further difficulties and impending death may appear in complete contradiction to the average human’s view of “highest and best.” But from a cosmic perspective such unbiased kindness is remarkable since you're giving support regardless of which path is chosen. You might also learn to just be present; to be with and feel whatever it is that’s going on. Or, you might just talk to them; to be with them as they depart, in gratitude for their being here.

Whether a medical emergency or other, the key is to remove from one’s self the selfish behaviors. These are mostly, if not completely, based in fears and false beliefs. Though experience will always bring up surprise triggers, it’s of prime importance that we take time regularly to examine the motivations of our thoughts and behaviors. Ask yourself: Would I think, say, or do [this] if I weren’t identified as… a Catholic? a republican? a military officer? a [whatever]? Then release it, and just be what you naturally are. Your heart will guide you.

Reason 2: You’re still being selfish—and hypocritical.

This one can be described with the instance of the parents who repeatedly tell their kids to quit smoking while continuing to smoke themselves. Before bed each night they pray that their kids quit because they don’t want them to grow up with the same horrid addiction or die an early death. God, please. Don’t let our children become like their parents.

This version of being selfish, and hypocritical, is all about avoidance and blame. I don’t want to face my own struggle, so I’m going to tell you what to do so it gives the appearance I’m doing something worthwhile.

Reason 2 Resolution:
Stop smoking. Heal yourself (however that may come to pass for you) and walk your talk.

People listen to the words of folks like Jesus and the Dalai Lama because they live their word, and their words are strong. Yet while their words are strong, their actions are even stronger. Yet while their actions are even stronger, the energy behind their words and actions is the strongest of all. Because they are in integrity with themselves.

If you don’t like what somebody is doing, praying for them selfishly and hypocritically is useless. First and foremost, you must be in alignment with yourself. Which does not mean you must be the next prophet. If you want your kids to stop smoking, then you must heal within whatever compels you to smoke and then kick the habit yourself. Extraneous healing is unrequired. Just be aware that, if the kids are 12 years hooked, there’s no guarantee they’re going to up and quit. Maybe and maybe not. But as you’re of a similar karmic resonance as family, you will be making it much easier for them.

Walking works, talking shirks.

Reason 3: You’re praying in fear.

When I mention general issues that need to be healed, I typically mention 4 things: fears, false beliefs, repressed emotions, and traumas. While each of these is quite distinct, they all ultimately boil down to one: fear. Everything that is not truly positive and uplifting carries within it the seed, if not a full blown forest, of fear.

Remember that “like attracts like.” If you’re praying in fear and worry and all that negative slop, fear and worry and all that negative slop are what you’re going to get back.

Reason 3 Resolution:
Because fear encompasses everything, there’s no one-size-fits-all means of resolving it. You could meditate daily, get psychological counseling, journal out your concerns and look for holes in the “logic.” The list of tools is extensive, and you’ll need to figure out which ones work for you.

To start, I recommend daily meditation. Try starting with 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before bed. Or whenever is comfortable for you, but just make sure you’re consistent. The starting point is to make peace with emptiness and get some perspective as a life observer—meaning you witness what is impartially and without interaction. We live in a fast-paced, sensory-barraged world. If you can’t step away from it all and just be at peace for a couple minutes when there’s nothing particularly pressing going on, you’ll never manage to be rational when hell breaks loose. You’ll end up praying in fear and worry and all that negative slop and attract to yourself all sorts of unhappy things.

Reason 4: You’re impatient.

You were born into a me-me-me-now-now-now kind of culture. Unless you’ve been living in the bush with a pride of lions since age two, chances are exceedingly high you’ve got some amount of selfish impatience in you—a swift and certain answer to your prayers notwithstanding.

So, you say a hurried prayer for this or that and… nothing. You pray again, and… nothing. Again… nothing. You feel unheard and miserable. You feel like you’re running out of time. You need an answer now. And… nothing.

Reason 4 Resolution:
Realize that the Universe does not work on a time scale, but the Universe does work on an energy scale. Which aligns perfectly with the Law of Like Resonance/Vibration as discussed earlier. Although things appear to the mind to be linear, to change with timing, all supposed “timing” is merely humans placing a mind-created number filter over what was, is, and will be now. There existed no clock until we’d made one.

In the case of impatience, well, the thought of impatience is quite ridiculous because what you’re seeking to get through prayer cannot come to you until you align energetically with it... Unless you’re aligning with “hurry,” in which case you will manifest “late.”

“When the questioner is ready, the answer appears.” To say, "When the time is ripe," is a complete misnomer.

Plus, to focus on a time base rather than an energy base, you’re again playing a negative energetic tug-o-war. In fighting what is you halt life’s effortless flow into your awareness by clinging to “what is not.”

Otherwise, you may wish to pull out a pen and paper and figure out why you think you need whatever it is you think you need so badly. What fears and false beliefs are hiding inside demanding for an immediate response?

Reason 5: You’re praying in lack.

Imagine that you’re quite sick. And you’re poor. And you don’t have a job or insurance. It appears to you that you’ll never manage to heal if some miracle doesn’t come along—like 5,000 dollars unexpectedly dropping into your lap to pay for help. The persistent thoughts of your circumstances keep you in an equally persistent state of the “don’t have” brand of fear.

You pray: Oh, God, I need help. Oh, God, I’m hurting so badly. I really messed up big time. I’ll never get out of this one. Please, help. Please. Oh. God. As the days pass by, similar prayers continue. All the while, you sail on your downward spiral seemingly unheard by God.

Reason 5 Resolution:
Most people are thoroughly misinformed about what prayer is—thought—and how prayer/thought functions. They thus pray for things for which they have no awareness they are praying, only to be thoroughly disappointed with how things unfold.

Read into the prayer a little bit. I need help. I’m hurting so badly. I really messed up. All you’re basically telling the Universe here is: I’m a helpless victim. My life is FUBAR. If you’re sending messages like this out to the Universe, you’re going to remain a helpless victim FUBAR.

You have free will, and God does not interfere with that. If you’re certain that you’re beyond help, God cannot help you. Again, it’s the Law of Cause and Effect. If you want a positive effect, you must put out a positive cause.

God, my body is experiencing a misalignment. Please guide me toward the cause of this imbalance that I may see and heal it. And/or: I willingly release the programming in my consciousness that causes me to experience [insert specific concern here]. Then watch for guidance, which might come from within; maybe from a friend, enemy, or stranger; maybe written in the clouds. (I’m not kidding.)

Reason 6: You’ve already been answered or will be at a moment’s notice—the “right” moment’s notice.

You pray (and pray and pray and pray) the same thing but can’t seem to get an answer.

Reason 6 Resolution:
There’re multiple concerns here. The first is related to perception-formers such as belief, expectation, and assumptions. You will see what you expect or assume to see. If, for example, you’re carrying a strong subconscious belief, and thus have the expectation, that “God doesn’t answer people like me,” you may never perceive your prayer as being replied to. These bogus ideas must be worked out. (Be aware that the belief, "God doesn't answer people like me," and "God has an 'open door' policy," as mentioned in the introduction, are not mutually exclusive. People carry contradictory beliefs by the zillions.)

A second item is that not only might your prayers already have been answered, they might have been answered before you’d even prayed. Additionally, but an important item unto itself, your prayers may not be specific enough.

If you pray, say, God, what’s the cause of my suffering? the questioning is so generalized and the answer is already known to you. Like maybe it’s your stomach that’s been aching you for three weeks now and has had you worried. You know your stomach is aching, and you know it has you worried. So what are you really praying for or about? Oh. God, my stomach has been causing me pain and suffering lately. Please guide me toward the mental-emotional cause of the issue that I may heal it.

Thirdly, we must realize that life is on our own terms. If we’re sick and want to give our power away to a doctor every time we have so much as a runny nose, we’re never going to get better because we’re resonating with the energy of “helpless victim in need of a savior.” It’s totally fine if we pray for answers, but we must then start educating ourselves or taking some other action, whatever of 984,568,955 things this could mean.

Of the stomach example, the doctor is likely going to give us some pills, yet pill popping is the choice of ignorance. What life may really be calling our attention to is the metaphysical nature of things: that our stomach is not somehow removed or separate from everything else in life and that our pain has a higher purpose. As both sages and quantum science teach us, life “out there” doesn’t exist. It’s all a hologram of what’s “in here.” The stomach is a physical representation of the mind’s ability to “hold and digest” life experiences.

This is vital. It’s absolutely not something a doctor will tell you, but it is something God will guide you toward. The answers (at least some of them) to your prayers will be made available just as soon as you get to work.

Understand this, dig deep down inside and heal the traumas or fears or whatever’s holding the negativity and you may well find healing. And it may be spontaneously, too, because, as like attracts like, you’ll no longer carry the embedded negativity that had been attracting disease to you. Your stomach will resonate with wholeness so you’ll get wholeness.

Reason 7: Your prayers are said in kindness, but you’re otherwise a miserable person.

By now, recalling the collective of what you’ve so far learned, you could probably make some sense of this one yourself

If you can manage to be positive during prayer but are miserable otherwise, you’re playing a game of energetic tug-o-war in which the negative side always has the upper hand. Praying positively for 5 or 50 minutes per day can’t offset the other 15+ hours you spend the rest of your days in a snit in.

And really, if you’re in this boat then you’re probably not positive during prayer time either. You’ve either got a nice, big facade you’re putting up for yourself (and God), or, though you really do shift to a deeper sense of peace during prayer, you’ve still got so much negative junk stored away inside that your overall vibratory resonance still remains low. Once again: Like attracts like. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. We are masters at hiding from ourselves what discomforts us.

Reason 7 Resolution:
I know it hurts, sometimes fantastically, but we have to be honest with ourselves. Not some shallow "honesty" wherein we’re able to basically continue on as we have been, but the honesty in which we open to the possibility of being wrong about everything; to the possibility that, if we are wrong, the truth may drive us to leave our religion, job, family, etc. because our initial alignment to those things was not done in integrity; to the possibility of crying frequently and uncontrollably until healed.

These things we must face are not easy. Further, they’re heavily repressed and ignored by most of our culture, and those who walk this path are typically shunned.

But this path is also both the road out of hell and the road that will take you into a direct line of communication with heaven.

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