Sunday, July 17, 2016

Humanity: Superheroes, Supervillains, and the Case for Superpowers

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had the power of telekinesis? Or the ability to walk through walls? Or maybe had inordinate strength? Or could perform physical healing on yourself or others?

Well, NOW you CAN! For 3 EASY payments of ONLY $29.95! Get your very own Superpower Start-Up Kit, delivered straight to your door! And if you call right now, we’ll even include a lifetime supply of “Get Out of Jail Free” cards! Quantities are limited, so call today! Operators are standing by!

As if!


The concept of having “super” powers is not simply the “mutant” stuff of comic books and movies, of accidents and magicians. Although uncommon, records from around the world have offered us accounts throughout the course of history revealing the availability of such powers to those beings known as “humans.”

Yep. Folks just like you and I.

Granted, the number of those who exhibit such gifts (or seeming curses) have so far been relatively small. However, just the fact that such is a historically-enduring, cross-global reality means that all humans have the same powers dormant within them. Unless there are varying strains of human being I’ve not been made aware of, then, again, I’m writing here of you and I.

For whatever reasons, some people, a few, are naturally open to the expression of "super" powers. These individuals may hone them with time, but basically they’ve always been ON.

Interestingly, the process of spiritual awakening, because it activates dormant brain and DNA areas and removes the illusory perceptual blockages formerly hiding one from fully experiencing reality, can and will also open us up to these innate “super” abilities.

Of these powers, sometimes people will contend that:
  1. We shouldn’t have them.
  2. People who do have them should not use them.
  3. Such powers are the work of the devil.
What I would like to offer here is a case to the contrary.

Point 1: Humans Shouldn’t Have “Super” Powers

Simply: we do. Like it or not, it’s part of Life. God isn’t going to alter Creation because of a few closed-minded humans.

Let’s also think this out on a more rational basis…

We are all human beings of which science has said that about 92% of our DNA is “junk” and only around 10% of our brain function is online.

First, there is no waste in nature. Ever. Which means that our DNA isn’t junk… Not a very scientific argument, but common sense should make it clear enough. The proper word is dormant: most of our DNA is dormant. If it were junk, it simply wouldn’t be there.

Second, also dormant is 90% of our brain function. Which means what exactly? That we don’t have a damn clue about what the brain can offer us because we’re only running on 10%. We can’t know what the other 90% has in store for us until it’s actually fired up.

So, considering the amazing things we can already do and then adding 92% DNA activation and 90% more brain function, well, the possibilities and potentials seem quite unfathomable.

Taking a few steps back to look at what’s going on right now, if it’s possible that a child can be born with an uncommon gene expression activated for disease, why is it not equally possible for another child to be born with a gene activated for hyper-intelligence or pyrokinesis?

Insert an increasingly spiritually awakening humanity, the development of which leans by necessity toward the quality of discerning, love-based behavior, and the result is a shutting off of disease and inhibition and a turning on of god-like powers.

Should anyone remain in contention that humans shouldn’t have “super” abilities, they’re going to have to put forth some mighty potent data to prove to the contrary of the highly suggestive yet unknown possibilities and potentials of a human being at peak capacity.

Point 2: “Super” Powers Should Not Be Used

What difference does it make?

Negatively: If there are people out there who design, manufacture, and sell weapons meant only to be held by others who will maliciously use them to mindlessly slaughter other beings—most notably those of their own human family—does it really make a difference if someone has the power to read minds, even if they do so for negative gain?

Alternately and positively: What if the mind-reader uses their power only for what comes to them as intuitively appropriate? As the adage goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” If they know and respect their power and the cosmic laws that are going to have them paying dearly for misuse, what difference does it make? After all, as nothing in life is ever wasted, there must be some good meaning and purpose to having the power or it wouldn’t exist, even if the purpose isn’t always or immediately clear.

Also, let's consider the powers the average you and I already have.

Most everyone on this planet has the power to write. Any given person can write a letter of love to their spouse or a letter of hate to their enemy. So, too, can they write a letter of hate to their spouse or a letter of love to their enemy.

Most everyone on this planet also has the ability to pick things up off the ground. Which means we also have the power to help others when they drop things accidentally or to just ignore them like they don’t exist.

Perhaps you or I can’t (yet) walk on water, but that doesn’t mean we don’t wield some intense power in the “mundane” abilities we already utilize in moment-to-moment living.

Truth is (at least as far as this writer is concerned), whether we can fly, remote view, teleport, or make ourselves invisible really makes no difference. We are already incredibly powerful beings as is.

The real concern should be how we use our powers.

The real concern should be whether we choose to be a superhero or a supervillain.

Point 3: Such Powers Are the Work of the Devil

This one gives me a laugh. Its foundation reeks of ignorance.

To paraphrase Job 1:21, “As he giveth, so he taketh away.” We have nothing without God’s express permission. Good, bad, peace, war, friends, enemies—they’re all provided in this dualistic experience as a means of giving us, as truly spiritual beings, the opportunity to work out lessons that can only be learned through a dense physical existence.

Lessons come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and densities, and we are each all of them, light and darkness alike.

We are gods of our own making—if we so choose; we are devils of our own making—if we so choose. Our Creator has given us all of it, from extreme inhibition to powers beyond our wildest dreams, as well as the free will to choose whatever we want.

Powers are like money. So many people claim that if they win a whole lot of money, they’ll do all sorts of “nice” things with it. But, as it’s said, “If you’re an asshole before you have money, you’re just going to become an asshole with a mint.” Money merely allows us to become more of what we already are.

If we really trust ourselves, God, and Life, we’re already going to be doing truly good things with our money, no matter how seemingly minimal, rather than waiting around playing negative karma-creating games like the lottery—we’ll already be out there making our own way while trusting the universe to provide us with everything we need to fulfill the requirements of our soul’s purpose in any given moment.

This all the while knowing that money is irrelevant to the depth of good we can do since true goodness comes from our state of being, not from the size of our wallet. This all the while knowing that, although the monetary end of things may appear bleak, the road ahead is eternally bright.

Now, that is an amazing power.

It’s Your Call

We are each with a different life path, each a soul on an evolutionary journey different from that of sister, father, friend, and stranger.

Some of us may be walking with powers out of the norm, while most of us walk with powers seemingly mundane. No matter, they are all still powers, and they all still demand discretionary use as they each carry within them the seeds of both destruction and creation.

It’s your call, as the one with the powers, to choose wisely how you will use them.

Hone them with love, and watch them expand. Watch as you become more of who you came here to be, whether that be a janitor or a hands-on healer.

Hone them with malintent, and—beware! You may be provided the space to develop them, yet such a road cannot be tolerated for long.

Once again: As he giveth, so he taketh away.

Hone wisely, my friend. Hone wisely.

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