Monday, July 25, 2016

The Grand “Support” Ribbon Illusion

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

It’s time to blow up a major misconception about our society’s obsession with “support” ribbons.

Why is this important? Because, as you’ll see by the end of this post, the central principle underlying the “support” ribbon industry is majorly flawed. By purchasing ribbons, you are not at all supporting what you believe you are supporting but are instead serving to push further away any resolution to the issues of concern.

As I say this, I'm not suggesting that those who first created "support" ribbons had malintent, nor am I suggesting the same of the majority of people who continue to make, sell, buy, or display them. I don't know, and I'm quite sure most people don't know the difference. Regardless, the misconception is not a trivial matter.

Have you ever seen the 1988 John Carpenter film “They Live,” the one where the main characters get a hold of specially designed glasses that allow them to see the deeper truth of their cultural norms (ex: money appears as pieces of paper that read “THIS IS YOUR GOD”)? Well, had you a pair of these glasses to put on when looking at “support” ribbons, what you’d see would appear much the same.

What you see is not what you get.

The Grand Illusion

It all begins with your perception and awareness. If both are in a state of limitation and ignorance of Truth, even the most ragged of sheep’s skins can hide the most vicious of wolves.

When you buy and display “support” ribbons (or magnets, wrist bands, stickers, etc.) you are operating on a number of beliefs. One such belief of which there exist many similar is:

The more money and attention I place into the awareness of an issue, the sooner a resolution will be found.

This belief is based on what you have been taught. And because belief creates the “reality” you experience, your perception is going to make that belief appear as valid. Which for you and perhaps you alone, it will be—it’s your choosing; it’s your free will.

However, Reality (with a capital “R”) may disagree.

To reiterate: What you must understand is that belief determines your perception which determines your “reality.” Which is not to say that your “reality” is actual Reality—it is not. Reality just is, while your “reality,” “true” though it may appear to you, is a highly subjective/personal perceptual illusion.

In the Reality that just is, there are certain laws that define it whether they are known to everyone or remain obscure, are overt or subtle.

The grand illusion of “support” ribbons rides on the ignorance of the masses of a law of Reality that is always in plain sight yet, for most, remains hidden. This law states that:

Whatever we give more attentive energy to we create more of; whatever we give less attentive energy to we create less of.

Now, take another look at the belief you have about “support” ribbons:

The more [energy] I place into the awareness of an issue, the sooner a resolution will be found.

Do you see the fatal flaw? The grand illusion of “support” ribbons?

Using cancer as an example, I’m going to make this horrifyingly clear…

It is impossible to support widespread cancer awareness without supporting the proliferation of cancer itself. The former demands that the latter must exist.

On the surface, yes, I agree. Dumping massive amounts of money and time and energy into an issue like cancer awareness sounds like a great idea.

But when you understand that the more energy—attention, time, money, and so on—you put into being aware of something—cancer, AIDS, poverty, ALS, MS, MLB, HSBC, and WNBA—is more energy that that very thing has to thrive on…!!!

Life Is Like a TV Show

One way to think of this is to liken the situation to a TV series.

Suppose a new show is about to air. Will it be great, or will it suck? Will the whole series play out with five additional seasons, or will the pilot take a dump? The determining factor is the show’s rating. And what is the rating based on? The show’s viewership—or what percentage of people put their attentive energy into it. If 95% of viewers change the channel within 10 minutes, the show is going off the air; if 95% of viewers watch the whole pilot episode, any number of episodes could follow.

No matter what area of life you look at, no matter how big or small of an issue, no matter whether the form of energy used is mental attention, physical exertion, money, time, or whatever, you will see the law of creation at play.

And it is you who is the creator.

Poking Holes In Other Perspectives

Of course, not all “support” ribbons overtly call for awareness. They do implicitly, so what’s been mentioned above still applies.

Some ribbons will state things such as:

Fight for a cure.

Why? Why? Folks… Look at nature. Observe the forests, the oceans, the deserts. Observe all the life therein. On a clear night, go outside and observe the endless expanse of the cosmos.

Do you see any fight whatsoever? Yeah, sure, a gazelle fights for its life when a lion is attacking it. But such is a part of the cycle of life. Everything in nature works perfectly, which is to say that there is no fight. In the areas where Mother Nature has set poisonous snakes, so too has she adorned the ground with antigen-containing plant life. There is no fight; there is a solution to every problem. If Nature has created it, Nature can destroy it.

It is only a blind humanity, believing that what they need isn’t already right before them, that must fight to get what it’s looking for. Fighting is of negative orientation. If the negative is what’s focused on, the negative is what increases.

A different example is in issues such as hunger awareness, where phrasing is used such as:

Find the cure.

C’mon, people. Think about it. Just for 30 seconds, think about it! Find the cure for hunger!? Existence and everything within it has known the cure for hunger since the dawn of creation!

I hunger, therefore I eat.

Whatever’s going on here is incredibly unfortunate because people keep focusing on the notion that hunger needs a cure. What hunger needs is for awareness to be placed on the Truth of why so many hundreds of millions of people are still starving.

If this weren’t bad enough, it only gets worse… True story…

Just after typing up the first draft for this article, I went out for a run. In this one area I pass frequently, I crossed the street at what seemed to me to be a “random” location. As I stepped onto the sidewalk on the other side of the street, I glanced up at the corner of a street sign and noticed a sticker I’d never seen before. It said:

Stop hunger.

God, save us!!!

Rampant Dysfunction

While this writing has focused on “support” ribbons, the basic faulty tenets noted in this article run rampant throughout our society.

Probably a full third of the population (at least near where I live) has Stop Texting stop sign magnets on their cars. Truthfully, these things are utterly useless—except for the retailers (usually Big Medical) who’re making a fucking mint off of them. You might as well buy a magnet for your favorite hockey team instead. Or perhaps one that says:
I’m a negatively-focused human being who perceives life to be out-of-control, but I don’t want to question the validity of my perspective because I’m afraid to face my fears and false beliefs. I’m thus going to try to control others as a means of, hopefully, making my life seem more in control.
If you truly want change, you must first walk your talk, and then either accept the situation as is or work to reeducate people. Not only has the mere placement of Stop Texting magnets on cars now become so prevalent that seeing them is practically a subconscious-only matter, but the expectation of effectiveness is like giving a 2-year-old a loaded and cocked gun and saying: Don’t shoot! It’s completely idiotic.

A final case for dysfunction comes from the US government. Every other year they’ve got a new “War On” campaign going on, without any of the prior "wars" being resolved. “The War On Drugs,” “The War On Terror,” “The War On Poverty.” How much war will it take for us as a collective to realize that we cannot fight fire with fire? That to burn other is to both burn self and create even more destruction?

It’s time to look in a fresh direction.

What To Do

In brief:

Stop supporting negatively-oriented “support” ribbons.

At length:

I’m not suggesting in all of this is that we chose to ignore cancer or AIDS or poverty or any such troubles. Trying to ignore any of these things would be like losing in a knife fight and pretending we can walk it off.

Rather, I’m calling for us as a collective to willing choose to become more conscious and accountable, to stop being so stubborn and naive, to quit pretending like we’re “doing a good thing” by putting “support” magnets on our cars.

Clearly, whatever “truths” we’ve been running on since time untold are not working out.

And I can tell you, because I’ve seen it countless times in my own life:

When you choose to live more consciously, both self-wise and globally, what you need to do, what is important for you to learn, these things will all come to you. Effortlessly.

You will learn how to put your attention on things and resolve them—or maybe just accept them as is, as sometimes that’s the only thing you, personally, can do—without causing more damage.

We’ve done enough of that so as it is.

Let’s now focus our awareness and support on something positive.

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