Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The War At Home

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

[Author's Note: This is a very atypical post for me. It is brief and it is potent. It arose quite unexpectedly. I feel it a necessary thing to say in light of the now-daily mass shootings and police brutality cases.]

The Icing On the Cake

We play this game of war.

Here in the US, in the country that’s somehow always right and acts as though it has some heavenly right to mete out justice on the world’s stage, we’ve been so fond of war.

Just after 9/11, we flew into another country and bombed the living fuck out of them.

A great many US citizens, and many citizens abroad, felt so justified in this.

The Mass Media Marketing Machine, or M4, spread their fear and told the oligarchy’s lies, and the people bought into it as if it were all the word of God.

Shock ‘n’ Awe, baby!

What a gloriously self-justified moment it was for so many. What an ego-boost it’s been for so many, still to this day, for those who continually refuse to see the truth.

It’s the icing on the cake, I suppose, of a history rent with war and the annihilation of supposed infidels in the name of peace.


I want you to think about something. Just for a few moments...

You get off on war.

You say you don’t, yet you read the newspaper every morning, you watch the news on TV every night, and God only knows how many war-related news feed items you read and tweet and discuss throughout the course of your days.

The M4 supplies it, and, you, the average citizen, buy it. You eat it with pride.

Like the “Shock ‘n’ Awe” campaign.

Yeah, man! Did you see how those fighter jets just flew in there and blew the fuck out of those bastards? That was wild!


Did it never occur to you that the people you pridefully rally against are brainwashed just like you: I’m right, they’re wrong, and I refuse to hear any different?

Did it never occur to you that war is never, ever, ever, ever as clean as it’s shown via the M4?

Did it never occur to you that when the bombs drop and the bullets fly, unlike TV shows such as “The A-Team” and “GI Joe,” fellow humans are actually hit by those bombs, bullets, and flying debris?

Did it never occur to you that bullets and shrapnel cause vastly more cases of wounding and disability, of mass trauma, gore, and suffering, than it does “easeful” sudden death?

Did it never occur to you that war is not like a video game in which you can set your difficulty level before beginning, input “god mode” cheats, save your game, restart if you die, or pick up dependably-located medi-kits and instantly heal?

Did it never occur to you that the people you pridefully, dare I even say lustfully, support the destruction of, have dreams, talents, and feelings just like you, that they have intentions for the “later in life” that they’ll no longer have a chance to see?

Did it never occur to you that, like you, they also have families, friends, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters—all of whom they may never see again nor will see them?

Did it never occur to you that most of the people who’ve had their lives stolen away from them were completely innocent civilians—just like your husband or wife, your daughters and sons, your brothers and sisters and friends? Just like you?

Did it never occur to you that what is blasted to the ground in the span of a few short seconds will take years to rebuild and decades, if not lifetimes, to heal internally?

Did it never occur to you that your support of war via the energy you focus on the oligarchical M4 and all its concocted tales is perpetuating the very thing you claim to want an end to?

“This, Too, I Am.”

Rough as this may have come across to some of you, it is not intended as a guilt-trip but, rather, a wake-up call.

The brutality and war “out there” is, first and foremost, the brutality and war “in here.”

If you truly desire to see it end, know that the process will begin the very moment you accept personal responsibility.

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