Monday, May 15, 2017

"Being Spiritual" Is Nonsense

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

The further I row out into the seas of the spiritual awakening process, the more I see that...

“Being spiritual” is nonsense.

Leaving Religion Behind… Or Not

For eons religion has been telling us what it means to “be spiritual.” They've provided well-dressed, -behaved, and -educated clerics for us to learn from. [...I know. I'm laughing, too. Just entertain me for a moment...] They’ve given us commandments and dogma and rites and so on to help us align accordingly. Yet for all our effort and sincerity, and much to our dismay, never have we been able to fulfill what has been asked of us in order to truly “get it.”

More recently, average men and women have begun having spontaneous spiritual awakenings. Meaning: Folks like you and I are unexpectedly bestowed with the grace of seeing the reality of our true nature—that we are each an aspect of God, in form. Usually as the consequence of intense suffering but occurring effortlessly at the same time, we suddenly realize what religion has been pointing us toward since Day 1. And so, if we hadn’t already, most of us therefore drop religion and all the false ways required by religion to “be spiritual.”

Or do we?

On awakening, a great many of us are drawn into the New Age arena. We look around and see all sorts of “new toys” such as angel numbers, astrological alignments, high/low vibrations, and so on. We look at many of the spiritual teachers, and it’s easy to get the impression that being like one of them is what it must mean to “be spiritual.” They generally seem so kind and gentle and soft in language, and they eat so light and listen to kirtan, and so on.

This is what spirituality is. I’m home.

Do you see what’s happening, here?

Granted, yes, we kind of have to align with the New Age stuff if only because that’s the general category of life where the information we need is located (aside from within!). Plus, we’re intuitively guided to it.

Problem is, being that most of our awakenings have shattered only a portion of our egos, we end up creating new identities based on old programming. We physically leave religion behind, but then walk into the New Age arena with much of the “what it means to ‘be spiritual’” baggage still intact and lively as ever.

SSDD—Same shit, different day.

The Insight—What a Spiritual Awakening Is Really About

What is so vital to understand is that this process of awakening/ascension is not about "being spiritual."

It is about being a human in 100% integrity with one’s true nature.

This process is about releasing lifetimes of physical, mental, emotional, and energetic shit so we can integrate our full spiritual nature into our physical forms. We are already spiritual beings; we always have been. It’s just that our level of realization of this—which heretofore has been nil—is determined by the depth of muck we’re wading through—and it’s been deep!

So, sure, to heal we must engage in spiritual practices. But to act out any beliefs such as, I have to be a spiritual person, or, [This] is what it means to be spiritual, is an inherently flawed endeavor.

We must simply become real human beings, each living however we’re creatively and uniquely inspired by way of spiritual realization.

Further Clarity

A moment ago I’d made a comment about what seems to me an easily (mis)assumed, generalized perception of many New Age teachers. For whatever reasons, their public image is often “clean.” For example, during interviews and articles they're not apt to use foul language, they often seem more dressy than street clothes-ish, and so on.

I do acknowledge that some of this is appropriate. Even if a given teacher is prone to less-kosher language, it's usually unnecessary, inappropriate, and likely to do more harm than good to curse like a sailor while in satsang or teaching yoga or something. Nonetheless, I use the public-eye “cleanliness” portrayal for the reason that it seems, due to its pervasiveness, it can be and is falsely interpreted by many as a depiction of “what being spiritual looks like.”

This false-appearing-true “cleanliness” can also cause us to miss out on the countless awakened individuals who aren’t regularly, if ever, in the public eye. We miss out on those who are maybe crafting custom surfboards while wearing beach clothes all day in a low-scale shop in a small shore town… and maybe eating roast beef sandwiches for lunch while listening to Motorhead.

Two Examples

A little while back I came across a guy by the name of Victor Oddo on YouTube. For the two weeks to follow I binge watched many of his videos.

It’s no wonder why Victor gets 100+ subscribers per day. The guy is a huge breath of fresh air. Rarely have I come across another person who so “gets” the spiritual side of things yet remains so grounded, so real, so down to earth. And maybe Victor is so popular for that very reason: because he’ll share some great insights about the awakening process, perhaps comically interspersing it with the F-bomb, while wearing a black Nirvana shirt. If I recall correctly, it was in the comment section to one of his YouTube videos that he told someone he named his dog “Axl” after Axl Rose of Guns ‘N’ Roses.

I don’t know about you, but if I’d have heard all this shortly after awakening I’d have thought, Blasphemy! But now I just laugh. More power to him.

By all means, there may be plenty of other spiritual teachers who are similar, without necessarily appearing so. Whether it’s not important to their style of teaching, not appropriate to the medium through which they make themselves public, or whatever else, the average awakening you and I are less apt to find out, at least initially. And so, carrying old, unnoticed garbage along as we do, our egos stealthily draw for us an insidious, false picture of “what it means to be spiritual.”

Although more popular, Anthony Robbins is another great example. So many people, not just in the awakening community but in the world, are thoroughly embedded in the belief that in order to be spiritual you basically have to choose poverty. Yet Tony is wildly rich and clearly spiritually wide open.

Add to this his style of teaching/helping. If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend the documentary, “I Am Not Your Guru,” on Netflix. For me energetically, I’d felt like I was being kicked in the face by integrity itself. Further, Tony uses foul language constantly and says that he does so in order to shock people into taking action. Counter-intuitive, even violent, as this may sound, his depth of presence, love, and compassion are able to shape it in such a way that, rather than a thousand people storming out in anger and rejection, a thousand people experience intense healing.

What Resonates With Me, Right Now?

By this point, some of you may be baffled by me talking about apparently “spiritual” people listening to Motorhead or using rampant foul language. “This doesn’t resonate with me at all.” This is the last topic I’d like to discuss.

We need to detach from our short-sighted definitions of right/wrong, good/bad, and high/low vibration. We'll serve ourselves far better focusing on, What resonates with me, right now?

Meaning, as spirit-integrating, physical human beings, we would each be wise to follow what is true to us as individuals in any given moment. It’s important to see that we create more harm (stress, fear, frustration, etc.) in our misaligned resistance to what is apparently “low vibration” and forced usage of what is apparently “high vibration” than if we’d just strive to be true to ourselves in any given moment.

In example, regardless that a being like Mooji may suggest vegetarianism, if our body has been clamoring for a cheesesteak for the last four months, then let’s give it what it wants already. If protein is required, for example, we can eat apples and lettuce all day long, but we’ll still go to sleep every night craving beef ‘n’ cheese. Yes, sure, we’d do well to opt for organic and all that jazz. No less...

Disregarding our bodies is disregarding our humanness—the very thing required to spiritually awaken!

Similarly, if we have a bad habit, for instance, and we haven’t yet resolved the base issue, in most cases it’s going to hurt us more to force ourselves to avoid it—it’s repression. We could effort to tame it if it’s particularly bad, but we also have to accept that it’s here now and will remain active to some degree until the underlying cause is healed. Yes, it’s “low vibration” to act it out, but what’s new? We simply didn’t have the label or the awareness before. Focusing inward, it will go in its own time, and we can learn to accept ourselves, the habit, and the process in the meantime. Fighting the “lower vibration” when it’s what still resonates with us only lowers our vibration further and makes any habit even harder to break.

We must remain conscious of individuality and the course of things as well. What I mean by this is that just because one person or one million say something like “smoking is low vibration,” doesn’t mean we should avoid it if it seems appropriate to us for some reason. If you’d picked up the habit as a teenager, maybe as you awaken and clear out repressed trauma you will quit (probably quite automatically)—but maybe not. In one example, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj smoked and made no qualms about it. His comments (from the book, I Am That) were to the effect of: “I am just the witness. The body will do what it does.”

Alternately, you may be really into something while unawakened, during your initial stages of awakening you may find that that same thing feels “low” and misaligned, and later on find you enjoy it again. For me, one instance I saw this with regard to was Stephen King’s Dark Tower book series. I’d first read it when unawakened and fell madly in love with it. Shortly after awakening began and internal cleansing ramped up, I had to stop rereading the series during the second book because the foul language, violence, and drug usage utterly overwhelmed me. I actually gave the books to a friend soon after. Now, several years later, I just came across the movie trailer for the Dark Tower adaptation that comes out in August. Even so much as unexpectedly seeing the video suggestion on the YouTube homepage totally lit me up. I am really excited to see it. Is it “low vibration”? Call it whatever you want. I don’t care. As long as I feel as I do right now, I’m going to see it when it’s released.

Remember: This process is about unloading the junk so that we can become ourselves for the first time in forever. We cannot do this when we’re too busy altering old beliefs and creating new ones in order to align with yet another construct. Nor is this possible when we’re too busy making assumptions as to “what my integrity looks like” based on what is apparently going on externally.

Irrespective of what seems good/bad/right/wrong/higher/lower, we’re going to align with what resonates, consciously and subconsciously. And because this happens so naturally—assuming we let it—as we clear stuff out we’ll move intuitively, effortlessly, toward what is personally appropriate (and away from what is not) regardless of its supposed vibrational level.

Supreme Uniqueness

We’re so used to living uniformed, single-file lives. What awakening does is blast us open to the overwhelming diversity of life and the truth of one’s self. We come to find that the way any given soul expresses itself through any given body is mind-blowingly unique.

Let’s learn to honor this. After all, the fact that we’re awakening is a pretty clear sign that we’re meant to be “self-centered.”

So, will you join me in being human?


  1. Amen! (in a non-religious way :) )

    As for the plainclothes "spiritual teachers" - YES, we can learn so much from just observing others! Not many have ALL of their life figured out, but some folks happen to have this or that piece perfectly in place, and that alone can inspire us. I often admire a friend of mine who is not into spirituality, but just manages to be excellent in her scientist job AND with her family, always looks great, and, most importantly, is disciplined in not wasting ANY time grasping onto negativity but remains focused on her goals instead. The way she naturally operates serves as an example for me how to successfully "do life" as a human, or how to ADULT, to use the popular term. :)

    Agreed on "what resonates right now". I noticed too how we go through phases and occasionally cycle back to the things we discarded along the way, this time seeing more value in them, or just letting ourselves enjoy them without judgement. My Reiki teacher eats a huge plate of meat for lunch, no veggies on the side! And she's a great healer! lol

    And that's why I liked the teachings of that Soul Realignment method so much (that reading we did recently): it affirms that for each of us, what constitutes a "good" or "bad" choice, a good or bad way of life, is unique! A bad choice for you could be totally fine for me and will in fact generate positive consequences. That really freed me from feeling the pressure to conform to any idea of what a healer or spiritual person should be like. I know that I can still help others even though my true nature is rather harsh. The Universe is not interested in making clones, there's a place for all of us and all of our quirks.

    Enjoyed your post, dude. Cheers!



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