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Laziness Vs Productivity: A Duality of Meaninglessness

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

In our modern day, laziness and productivity are effectively two sides of the same coin.

Laziness is avoidance of work and productivity is forced work, both of which are stamped into the body of meaninglessness.

Heads or Tails, the Value of the Coin Doesn’t Change

Suppose someone works 40, 60, or 80 hours per week. They get home each day and their teenage kid is playing videogames. “Don’t you do anything else? What’s wrong with you? You’re so damn lazy. Do something. Get a job. Be productive.”

Let’s question:
  1. Why is the kid lazy?
  2. What makes the kid any different from his parent?
In answer to the first question, the kid is “lazy” because he’s been taught since birth that people who don’t have the appearance of “productivity,” who prefer to read a book or play videogames, who don’t support the societal/cultural perception of needing to labor hard to “make value,” are inherently “less than.”

The kid is spending all his days hiding from the world because he feels meaninglessness. He has blinders on his perception as to what his options are in life. He doesn’t like the limited possibilities he’s been programmed to see, and he has no sense that the cool, enjoyable, meaningful things certain others do are also available to him. That he can achieve any such goal is utterly lost on him. Plus, for year’s now he’s been berated by the same parent who claims to love him and have his highest good in mind. Maybe laziness is just my nature, he thinks. I don’t exactly enjoy it, but, well, that’s the picture as far as my perception can see, so why not? And it’s not like I’m alone; there’re plenty of other people who are just like me.

As for the second question, the kid really isn’t different from the parent. The difference is in appearance only. The parent is working so hard not necessarily because of a solid work ethic but because she also got hit with the meaninglessness bug but chose to take it in the opposite direction.

“Productive” as her work may seem to the eye of the conditioned majority, it’s actually quite meaningless (beyond putting food on the table) because she’s doing the work while running faulty programming. Rather than making meaningful work or making her work meaningful, she’s looking to the work itself to give her life meaning. Said differently, she’s determining her personal value—the value of her life’s existence—and, by extension, the life value of others—on what some “authoritative,” elitistist schmucks have programmed into her as such.

We can thus see that regardless of which path is chosen, laziness and productivity are simply distorted mirror reflections of each other.

What Is “Productivity”?

In our modern, “civilized” world, productivity could often be described as legalized slave labor. It is based on the principle:

Work yourself to the bone to prove your worthiness to be alive—as define by an elite few and as valued in monetary and material accrual.

No, the average human being may not be 10 years old, wearing nothing but shorts while wielding machetes and cutting down cocoa nuts for many of the mega-corporations of the chocolate industry even though the companies had signed an agreement saying they’d stay ethical. (I didn’t make that up.) Nor is the average human being a grown adult who’s been voided of rights and has to work on a Southern US cotton plantation in the hot sun all day.

But much of the “developed” world is working ridiculous hours; doing jobs they’re not too keen on or flat-out hate; making money that barely allows ends to meet; providing to the world countless goods and services which provide pleasure with disregard to past, current, and ensuing pain; often indoors all day long while sitting in a small, padded cube and zoned in to a bright screen with little if any view to the outdoors.

This is legalized slave labor. People are working so hard, performing such unnatural habits and behaviors, never getting much of a chance to truly live their lives because they’re too busy trying to prove their worth. For a boss who’s never satisfied.

Productive, huh? For who? Surely not you or I.

"Life Is Lack" Conditioning

This whole “civilized slave labor” can be kept up under 3 conditions:

Condition 1: The savior mentality must remain intact.

This depends on a religion-based culture in which people are led to believe they are utterly worthless. The people mustn’t find out that they are each the heroes of their own respective journeys. The people mustn’t find out that through their own power, consciously and subconsciously, individually and collectively, they create the very experience of oppression to which they are prisoners.

This condition is why most of history’s change-makers have been harshly defamed, tortured, and/or killed—because they’re average human beings speaking the Truth.

Condition 2: The truth of life, of existence, of reality, has to be kept hidden from the masses.

If people don’t know who they truly are or why they are here, if they are led to believe that they’re being told everything, and if they are sufficiently distracted from the arising of actual truth, they will not ask the questions needed to bring the truth to light. Similarly, where the truth is pervasive, such as in scripture, the words must remain cryptic and “knowers of the law” must be placed before the people to provide “the truth” to them.

Condition 3: The appearance of scarcity or “life is lack” must be upheld and reinforced in every aspect of life.

As the foundation of it all, a financial system must be designed in such a way that those who have created it can create fiat money-appearing-real and then charge the masses the enormous debt supposedly incurred by printing unbacked, imaginary digits residing only in a computer. The system must be used as the base currency of all countries on the planet. The masses must be persuaded to believe that their inherent value is linked to the size of their financial and material assets. The higher the debt, the more unworthy of living they will feel and the greater the sense of responsibility the masses will feel toward their captors-perceived-to-be-saviors.

As it happens, all 3 of the above conditions we’re met a long, long time ago.

And their being so thoroughly woven into all aspects of our world culture is the reason we’re so “productive.”

Technology and Worth

How do we know this? How do we know these conditions aren’t silly conspiracy mumbo-jumbo? How do we know the law of the land is scarcity and not abundance?

Because we’re pumping out more goods and services than ever in recorded history and yet with every rise in “productivity” there’s a rise in scarcity—scarcity of money, scarcity of self-worth, scarcity of happiness, scarcity of resources, scarcity of every possible thing that would make life worth living for rather than toiling toward and suffering over endlessly.

In one powerful example, let’s consider technology. I’m sure we all know, though many of us wouldn’t like to admit, that we can do a lot better in the area of automation right now. As with so many other technological feats in their own ways, we went from room-sized computers to iPhones and Galaxies in a single decade. Yet we’re still working our lives away even though we’ve been told for ages of how automation will free humanity from excess work.

Further, “planned obsolesce” is the cardinal rule of the manufacturing industry. Why make something to last when you can make it to break it? So we’ve got people working loads of unnecessary hours to make items (appliances, for example) that will last 10 years rather than 50 at a cost 6 times more per unit than in years prior. We end up working ourselves to the bone to earn enough to buy a given item 5 times in 50 years at 6 times the initial price each time we buy it—not accounting for the obscene lie that is inflation.

The only ones benefiting are the elites.

And we all know this. We all know how fucked up it is. And we all know that it doesn’t have to be this way. Hell, planned obsolescence is taught to us in high school like we should be proud for being so damn wasteful, stupid, and enslaved.

…But this is what we collectively get externally when we collectively believe internally that our life worth is determined by financial and material lack or abundance. Why ever would we want or allow robots to end our excessive laboring when we ardently believe that we need “productivity” in order to prove our worthiness?

Who am I, if not a slave?

Who am I, if not this job?

Who am I, if not in poverty?

Who am I, if not what this world has taught me?

Who am I, to deserve for merely being alive?

What Productivity Really Is (If We’re Still Going To Use the “P”-Word)

True productivity is providing meaningful goods and services, as needed or as artistically inspired, while doing the least possible harm to other people, other life forms, and the environment.

True productivity is working when work is required and playing when play is required, while acknowledging that work and play can ideally be synonymized and that a positive balance is required between each for health and happiness.

True productivity is releasing destructive beliefs and fears, healing traumas, seeking out the truth no matter how uncomfortable that truth may be.

True productivity is realizing one’s life purpose, knowing who we truly are and why we are truly here, and then doing one’s best to live from that space as one’s own master.

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