Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Top 2 Reasons Why There's Truth In Conspiracy “Theory”

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

Let’s take a peek into a subject that bends a lot of people out of shape right quick: conspiracy.

And why not? We discuss every other unpleasant aspect of life and inquire as to the inner distortions surrounding them. Why not look into the field of conspiracy as well?

Top 2 Reasons Why There’s Truth In Conspiracy “Theory”

Reason #1:

When accepted as possible and the concepts are integrated into our sense of “how life works ‘out there,’” everything makes sense.

Reason #2:

Many people's obstinate refusal and denial of it. Not a mere looking as “what if” and letting go if truly nonsense, but a willful and forceful rejection of the information and those who provide it.

There is a saying of highly distasteful things that we might “run from them like the plague.” Well, conspiracy is a thing that seems many people would rather have the plague than acknowledge as possible. Internally, things are sensed as plausible but resistance is maintained as not to upset either the internal or external status quos.

Sense In Nonsense

People are constantly asking questions such as:
  • Another terrorist attack? How do they keep getting away with this?
  • I don’t understand. How can the leaders of the United States behave like such assholes and stay in power?
  • How can they get away with gun-trafficking, drug-trading, pedophilia, etc.?
  • How is it that the majority of people want better out of life yet things only ever go backward?

Right alongside the apparently unanswerable questions is cognitive dissonance.

We watch The History Channel, for instance, and we see footage of countless ancient structures, structures that date prior to 13,000 years ago, from at a time when many folks still accept that man had either become “civilized” or only just been kicked, naked, out of Eden. We see deep sea footage and satellite imagery of massive, sunken city structures from a time necessarily pre-dating “civilized man” and requiring a major earth shift in order to end up in such a location. And the statues, the artifacts, the structures themselves—the advanced level of technology that must have been available to cut stone to such precision, to fabricate statues to such symmetry, to transport stone slabs that modern technology can’t nudge.

We’re shown one thing but told another, minimal practical alignment between what we're seeing and what we've been conditioned with as "true." Yet we dare not face the notion that the actual truth is deliberately being hidden.

But if we can openly view conspiracy in its sheer magnitude, even if only as a possibility, we can increasingly connect the dots and formulate a far more accurate picture of life than we’ve been indoctrinated with. At a worldly perspective, suddenly everything makes sense.

There is no simpler way of putting it: The truth makes sense. No matter how we dice it, no matter how it’s applied, we finally attain the appropriate pieces that fit coherently into the same, one puzzle.

I Challenge You Without

If you’re honestly disinterested in conspiracy, I’m okay with that. It’s important to know the truth about things, but I understand and accept that some people just aren’t into it.

However, if you prefer shooting the messengers of alternate ideas—and there are a lot of you!—I challenge you to prove the conspiracy “theorists” wrong.

With facts.

Back up your assertions with facts. Slander, blame, politician and “specialist-on-the-scene” interviews on CNN are not facts. Similarly, unfortunate though it is, mainstream science probably won’t be of value either—the level of hidden agendas and corruption between corporations, academics, funding, lab research, politicians, and so forth is phenomenal.

This reminds me: While I was researching Mehran Keshe’s Magrav free energy device, I came across a professional electrical engineering website with an article attempting to discredit Keshe and his work. Never mind that the guy and his organization have openly shared his scientific papers, drawings, etc. with the public for years now; that at any time people can use the provided data to build and then prove or disprove Keshe’s work. Apparently, slander was easier.

This article also tried to defame Steve Beckow, from the “Golden Age of Gaia”, and some things he had been sharing on the topic of free energy. I was blown away. Steve Beckow is a guy who claims both that the Earth and humanity are ascending to a higher dimension/density and that he channels Archangel Michael. If free energy is such a false and stupid idea, why in the world is a professional engineer, of all types of people, wasting his time trying to defame the work of, if you will, a “metaphysical, New Age schmuck”—to other engineers!?

Because it’s true. That’s why. And he stands to lose his self-image which he perceives to be vitally important, so he must defend it.

Anyway… Delve into the rabbit hole and see what’s inside. If you’re not going to go in, then you have no room to judge or slander or whatever you may do toward others to “prove” to yourselves that you already “know” via information from outside of it.

I can guarantee you that you will, indeed, find truth. Why? Because there are often an abundance of quietly-declassified government documents verifying the very claims of the “theorists.” Because there’s an overwhelming amount of scientific data and military/government insider testimony. Because there are countless hours of audio and video footage that cannot make the truth any more blatant. Because increasing numbers of people are putting dots together in a way that just makes sense, that makes the collective “out there” dramas suddenly so easy to grasp as to the why’s, who’s, and how’s.

By all means, keep your discernment meter on high-guard. But for crying out loud, stop being so damn stubborn.

I Challenge You Within

I also challenge you to start off the first challenge by doing the following:

Rather than going “out there” for answers, first look “in here.”
  • When you hear of conspiracy, what really makes you uncomfortable?
  • When you hear of extra-terrestrials, UFO’s, secret societies running the world, repressed technologies, secret space programs, false flags, and so forth, what really are you trying to push away by denying it?
  • When someone “official” or “accredited” proposes a new scientific theory, you look at it as plausible. But if it’s some alternate science or “uneducated” internet researcher to make such an assertion, they’re just “tinfoil hat dipshits.” What are you running from?
  • As you supposedly thirst for truth, what is so repulsive to you internally that you will shut out that potential truth if it arrives in a way deemed “unfitting.”
  • What hurts you so badly inside that you feel you must put others down, if not destroy them, as not to feel what is taking place within?

  • …your friends won’t approve of you if you deny the mainstream?
  • …you fear defying “authority”?
  • …your parents will judge you?
  • …you feel you’ve wasted you’re life educating yourself in lies?
  • …you’ll have to drop your believed-to-be-true image of “who I am”?
  • …you, in a world of continual advancement and uncertainty, already “know”?

Figure it out. Whatever you’re doing right now isn’t helping anyone, least of all, you.

Closing Words

In writing this post, I’m not looking for anyone to start arguments, I don’t want to listen to people justify their conspiracy-is-BS viewpoints, or any such thing. I’m not here to waste my time with that. If anyone wants to leave negative comments, they will be deleted. Nor am I interested in what people find. I’ve been familiar with this stuff for nearly half my life. Other than details, little is new to me and surprises are rare.

More than anything, I’m calling for the discreditors to prove to themselves why they’re usually mistaken; I’m calling for the discreditors to look within themselves and figure out if conspiracy is truly wrong, or if their rejection of it is actually based in fears and false ideas of “who others expect me to be,” “how things truly are,” and so on.

Right now, a great many people are like dissatisfied religionists going back to the same clergy to ask the same questions and getting the same answers as if somehow their same dissatisfaction will finally end. They’re like the masses of people who every time they get sick keep going back to the same medical system that has them hooked on suffering, medication, and malpractice and never bothering to question if perhaps there’s a better way. They’re like—they are—the multitudes of people who clamor for truth and justice and peace and love only to kill the messenger when he or she arrives.

I’m not suggesting anyone become a conspiracy buff, and I have no reluctance in stating that many sources of conspiracy information are bogged down in both dis- and misinformation and in negativity. However, there are sources that have higher fact levels and supply the info in a non-“fear porn” fashion. Furthermore, it’s much easier to view the data objectively when we resolve the inner-turmoil causing us to perceive it with added negativity.

In closing, as bothersome as it can be to become aware of it, we only serve to perpetuate all that is wrong with the world when we pretend it’s not there.

We don’t always have to like how thing are and the truth doesn’t always have to make us feel good… as if the lies people currently prefer actually do…

Remember: Life itself is simple, and it makes sense.

It is we, humanity, who have made life so complex and difficult.

By the very laws of the cosmos, it is therefore we who have to unfuck ourselves.

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