Sunday, November 26, 2017

"Strange It Is..."

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

Strange it is that we must fake who and what we are in order to fit into the "real" world. Strange it is that those who can't successfully “fake it ‘til they make it” are left behind.

Strange it is how so many who succeed automatically know why others failed.

“Shoulda gone to college.”
“Shouldn’t’a skipped class.”
“Shoulda studied more.”
“Shoulda worked harder.”
“Shouldn’t’a played so many video games.”
“Shoulda asked more questions.”
“Shouldn’t’a drank so much.”
“Shouldn’t’a been so ignorant and lazy after being born into a low-class, poorly-educated family in a crime-laden neighborhood where drug- and weapon-dealing runs rampant and the government prefers handing out free smartphones and TVs rather than providing quality assistance.”

It seems preferable for so many to hold these shallow rationalizations as if absolute truths. Rather than facing the fact that The System is inherently and thoroughly FUBAR, the blame is instead laid on the “failures” (who themselves often believe the “should’a”/“shouldn’t’a” lies).

Taking Leave

I have a novel idea: Let’s stop being fake. Let’s stop lying to ourselves and to each other.

I know. The left side of my brain just blew out.

But I think I might be on to something.

What I’ve found so far is that when we stop being fake, what is real has a chance to arise.

Now, to say that “what is real has a chance to arise” is not to say that no one goes to school or gets a job or whatever. What I’m pointing to is the need to get out of the authority-defined cubical construct suitable only for obedient clones and instead seek to uncover, each of us personally, our unique soul purpose.

What this means specifically for any given person, I cannot say. But if you’re truly tired of playing the ancient slave-game, you’ll begin finding out just as soon as you’re truly willing.

Remember Who You Are

You knew reality as a child. Do you remember that time? That short period when you still had a dream? Before the light of your soul was stomped out?

Well, they’re both still there, waiting patiently for you—reality and your dream.

You need your dream because it’s what makes you you.

Our dreams are our creative, explorative soul paths that are 100% tailored to each of us as individuals, embedded deep within our souls and yearning to come forth. Our dreams are also our paths to reality—except when we don’t follow them, when we fake who and what we are, we live only as an expendable character in some other author[-ity]’s story.

Make It Real

Understand that there is nothing of value to gain in being fake—it’s just a very hard, exhausting, and painful path. But there is everything to gain in being authentic and making your dream a reality.

What I’m asking you to do now is become the author and authority of your own story, of your own life. Make it real.

Do what you know in your soul is yours to do. Be as you’d come here to be.

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