Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Religion Versus Spirituality: Ego Versus God

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

“Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell.
Spirituality is for people who have already been there.”

--Vine Deloria Jr.

My experience of religion and spirituality has been varied. I’ve gone from ~25 years of restless and "choiceless" Roman Catholic involvement, to leaving religion and thinking maybe God just made stuff and then walked away, to having an unexpected spiritual awakening after which insights such as the truths of existence and the optimal paths I need to take in life began spontaneously popping into my awareness.

With this experience plus research, hearing accounts from others, and a notice both intuitive and plain-to-see, I’ve been able to compile a list of differences frequently found between religion and spirituality.

Be aware that this list is primarily regarding Western religion and spirituality, but Eastern religions are not wholly excluded.

Also be aware of this simple truth:

Being a religious adherent and being spiritual are not the same. Religion doesn’t inherently bring spirituality, and spirituality doesn’t require religion.

This is for the reason that religion is by its nature an external device and one that’s very often outward-looking, whereas spirituality is an intrinsic aspect of all existence and requires conscious in-looking for development. The two can be intertwined if done correctly, but such is typically not the case.

That said, without getting too comprehensive or intense, here’s my list of differences between religion and spirituality when religion, a collective, outward structure, is not designed to nourish the inner, spiritual nature of groups and individuals alike.

Religion versus Spirituality

Note that for each category religion is denoted with an “R” and spirituality is denoted with an “S”.

  • R: Based on concepts of hierarchy, separation, and better-than/lesser-than.
  • S: Based in oneness, equality.

  • R: Adherents are powerless victims in need of a savior of whom each religion says they have the only one.
  • S: “The kingdom of God is within you.” Each discovers the empowerment within to overcome life hardship and to become their greatest version.

  • R: Religion says that God gently says: “Do this or be a sinner,” and forcefully if angered says, “You’re going to hell.”
  • S: God “him”-self says, “Do whatever you want. You’ll have to make up for it if you hurt yourself or someone else, but you’re here to learn. I love you always and you’ll always have my forgiveness. I’ll be here when you’re ready.”

  • R: God is an old man in the sky.
  • S: God is All: form and formless, nothing and everything, seen and unseen, known and unknown.

  • R: Outward-looking: Intellectualized; focused on history, written word, and preaching; avoidance (if not outright rejection) of heart/feelings and intuition.
  • S: Inward-looking: Acknowledgement that outer is a reflection of the inner; honoring of intuition (gut, heart, third eye), feeling, and unique soul expression.

  • R: Avoidance/denial of emotions, creativity, individuality, etc.
  • S: Feel, heal, flow, and be what you are innately.

  • R: Patriarchal.
  • S: Universal. Equal. Divine Mother and Divine Father union.

  • R: Guilt-inducing. Labeling humanity as inherently flawed. Adherents admonished to “repent and be saved.”
  • S: “You currently have some mental-emotional troubles—everyone does—but don’t be too hard on yourself. Seek healing and see that you are perfect as is, that God has never seen you as otherwise.”

  • R: Unworthiness; pay-to-play (e.g.: indulgences, tithing).
  • S: Unconditional acceptance as is. “The poor man’s penny is worth more than the rich man’s millions.”

  • R: “Do what we tell you to do.”
  • S: “What feels right to you in this moment?”

  • R: Focus is consistently bent toward uncleansable sins, fear of punishment, etc. and so positives are overwhelmed and thus unseen.
  • S: Fears, false beliefs, etc. are only focused on in order to heal them, with no guilt or blame attached. Physical, mental, and emotional disposition increasingly shifts toward the positive and spiritual life thrives.

  • R: Passed through family and culture, by door-to-door “salesmen,” by force, and so on.
  • S: You “get” it—effortlessly. You just know at the core of your being (i.e.: non-intellectually).

  • R: Cause of suffering, fear, guilt, shame, poverty, unhappiness.
  • S: Effecting as freedom, peace, joy, love, creativity, spontaneity.

  • R: Endless searching, reaching, wanting.
  • S: Peace. Here. Now.


Having put forth this list, be aware that my words are not, as it may be interpreted, an attempt to condemn religion. I don’t align with religion, but I can accept that it’s a part of life that others do align with.

What people must face, however, is the obscene degree of ages-long misguidance, corruption, and countless other distortions going on within most of organized religion. This desperately needs to be acknowledged for what it is and cleaned up.

All the while, to those whom it concerns, see that just because there are aspects of your religion that are garbage doesn’t mean that everything is garbage and to get rid of anything means that you must get rid of everything. As the saying goes, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Granted, some foundational tenets will have to change. But aside from any fat-mouthed ego-mind yelling that change is bad and it’s going to be unbearable to be happy rather than guilty and in fear all the time, who the hell cares if you change what has been no more than a suffering-inducing lie?

In revitalization, I would suggest taking a hint from those involved in Christian mysticism, Kabbalah (Judaism), and Sufism (Islam). Honestly, I can’t say much about them because I don’t know much about them. But what I see as important is that, in spite of the overwhelming distortions of the mainstream, each of these are small sects within the major Western religions that continue to be profoundly spiritual.

The point being: Mystics begin with the premise of a given religion and they integrate the outer with the inner, they align religious practice and spiritual attainment. And they’ve been amazingly successful in doing so.

So, if you want religion, have at it. But realize that currently your religion is probably more like a guidepost as to what not to do rather than one toward what you would do well to do. Because if you’re truly moving inward, onward, and upward as is the flow of the spiritual path, you likely wouldn’t even be here reading this right now. You’d already “get” it, and life would be guiding you elsewhere—perhaps to your religion where’d you’d be busy working on making the positive changes you’ve been waiting for someone else to enact.

After all, true change has to start somewhere, and it’s almost always at “the bottom.” Why not with you?

Heaven Is Only As Close As You Make It

By the way… here’s one other religion versus spirituality point:

Religion has long carried ideas such as heaven being an actual place to go (assuming you don’t screw it up by having a sexual thought about your neighbor and going to hell for eternity), as holiness being possible by the average person but more realistically reserved for the clergy and the rare saint, and so on.

And in these ideas there exists the sense of a hopefully hopeless, airy-fairy type of spirituality that is reached for but can never be attained.

Folks… no.

Being spiritual is being free of (or at least working toward being free of) internal distortions and thus living in integrity with one’s true self and doing whatever naturally flows freely. It has nothing to do with all the airy-fairy ideas such as those just mentioned. It has nothing to do with, “This is what I have to do to be spiritual because this is what they say I have to do, because this is what I believe I have to do, because this is what I feel gung-ho and happy about doing because it gets me my church-going mother’s love and approval.”

If it’s your soul path to be an ascetic or the next pope, that’s fine, and I wish you the best. But truth is, you can still be amazingly spiritual as Average Joe FamilyMan, by having a career playing rock ‘n’ roll music, or in make a billion dollars per year breeding horses (must be some horses!). You can basically do whatever you want so long as you’re doing no harm and it feels right to you.

True spirituality, or “wholiness” as I’d once termed it, is realizing wholeness within yourself and being true to your soul purpose; it’s being true to your innate, human and intuitive drives as your egoic mind is overcome and your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies are balanced.

Heaven is then where you are, as you are.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Selective Ignorance: A Rant

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

--Ben Franklin
Do you know what really chaffs my ass?

Selective ignorance

It starts with simple rejection: I could say something wise or intelligent or merely different from the norm, something that may or may not have been scientifically proven or spoken by a great sage, and because it has not been accepted by mainstream science, by the herd of society, as religious dogma, or whatever, I’m automatically perceived as the dim-witted fool.

I could put forth some truth of life or some alternate idea as to how a thing works, but how dare I, some young, uncredentialed “Joe,” think he knows as much as, more, or differently than an “authority” figure carrying the title of “Priest” or “Doctor” or “Congressman,” or a peer who’d been trained by one such “authority.”

Now, while this rejection for approaching life with an open mind can be a frustration, what really chaffs my ass is how the selectively ignorant could hear the exact same thing from some “approved” “authority” a day or a year later and it’s like, “Oh, well, that makes complete sense.” Or perhaps they’d already heard what I’ve said but with a different “authoritative” interpretation, and mine is, most assuredly, incorrect.

All the while, when I say my piece, they won’t touch it. They may argue falteringly (even if this means their only argument is: “Shut up, you asshole!”), or they may find a counter-argument in resources from their "accepted" side of the argument to try to prove me wrong. But they refuse to cross the line to research things from my side.

And rather than admitting imperfection, they’ll pick at anything to “prove” I’m “wrong.” It’s almost not an exaggeration to say that sometimes I could be correct, and the arguer knows it (or at least suspects it), but they’ll look and look and, yep, sure enough, they’ll find me in error—I’d actually written my idea to them, and I’d forgotten to dot an “i”. There goes my arguement.

Or they might just straight-up attack me. Shooting the messenger always seems to be a great choice when the message is inconvenient in its potential.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

I like what Aristotle was getting at, but maybe he’d have been better saying something like, “the mark of a judicious mind,” or “the mark of a discerning mind.” Because it seems all too often that the more educated, the more intelligent, someone becomes, the greater is the their lack in smarts and wisdom.

I remember in one instance (of too many), I’d made a comment to some educated folks about how Big Pharma makes drugs to keep people sick. I don’t remember my exact wording; I just remember that it was a reasonably shallow truth, as in one that should be outrageously obvious to anyone with at least the brain power of an amoeba. (All you have to do is listen to a Big Pharma ad on TV. Suffer from depression? Ask your doctor about Fukupmalife. Side effects may include depression, diabetes, stroke, heart palpitations, hot flashes, abnormal sweating, memory loss, constipation, violent outbursts, and death.)

Yet on hearing my words, the energy amongst the group died immediately. If the coroner would have shown up a few minutes later saying that he’d had a profound intuitive sense of death passing over, I wouldn’t have been surprised. All went silent and faces became deranged as if they’d just been scarred stupid by a moron and desperately needed to change the topic or go do something else in order to regain their hold on “sanity.”

“They were so strong in their beliefs that there came a time when it hardly mattered what exactly those beliefs were; they all fused into a single stubbornness.”
--Louise Erdrich

To those who're selectively ignorant (Don't be shy, now. I already know who you are, so you don't need to be selectively ignorant about being selectively ignorant.):

Have some respect. Admit that you're human and make mistakes, that you don't know everything about everything.

You’re not serving anyone. I fully recognize that you hurt, that you’re scared, and that’s why you’re behaving as you are. But you’re hurting others and you’re hurting yourself.

For crying out loud: You attack others to protect yourself from having to see that you’re wrong. You seek to know and be right, yet you fight to remain ignorant!

Realize that the “authority” or peers who you’re siding with for approval very well may not even care about you. And you know this; hence, why you feel the need to side with them: because you know they’ll reject you if you don’t… It might surprise you to know that they’re in it for the same reasons as you. (And sometimes power and money, neither of which you're likely getting any of.)

All the while, the “authority” or peers you’re kissing up to by holding onto what is, at least potentially, false, they can’t even give you what you want.

Externally, you want the truth. As stated, however, you're foolishly pushing away the very sources who have been giving it to you. Otherwise, what you want is inside of you. And as long as you’re unwaveringly seeking "out there" somewhere, and attacking those who already have the truth, you’ll spend your whole life in a state of dissatisfaction… with a lot of enemies who would much prefer to be friends.

“Remember that nobody will ever get ahead of you as long as he is kicking you in the seat of the pants.”
--Walter Winchell

This is funny. I’d spent my whole life being psycho-emotionally kicked in the seat of the pants by others. And so in my defense, I was always looking behind me.

But when I finally turned around, guess who I saw?

No one! Because I'd been ahead all along!

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.”
--[apparently not] Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Helpless “Help,” and the Intravenous Death That Is Chemotherapy

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

There’s a lot of helping that goes on in our world. All too often, however, what we call “help” is not actually helpful at all.

After a few words to give us a starting point, we’ll look at four “helping”-without-helping areas we may encounter in everyday life. We’ll end with a mission critical segment that has unfortunately become part of everyday life and is possibly, aside from war, humanity’s greatest disservice to itself—the big business of cancer and chemotherapy.

Looks Are Deceiving When We’re Deceivers

On the whole, we carry subconscious beliefs of being helpless. These drive us, unconsciously, to “help” others under the rationale, also unconscious, that by helping those we perceive helpless we will fill in the personal power-void within ourselves.

As with every other aspect of life that we feel lacking in internally, we seek fulfillment of them externally. But, truth is, we cannot ever fill our internal void in such a way because it’s impossible to satisfy internal needs with external gettings and doings.

These internal needs are only there because we carry (typically) childhood, parent-related traumas that causes us to believe ourselves less than whole. Naturally, having a certain job or owning an expensive possession cannot heal a trauma. Healing, restoring our inner, personal power and sense of worth, requires that we become aware of our programming and resolve it physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or energetically.

Such healing takes time, effort, and usually the aid of doctors, psychiatrists, spiritual teachers, reiki practitioners, etc. I obviously cannot offer these tools in this blog post, but I can provide suggestions as to where people get trapped in “helping” others while believing that in doing so they are helping themselves.

Please use extra awareness in this arena, because what we don’t know about ourselves internally leads us to blind behavior and self-deceiving perception externally. As I’ll provide factual evidence for below, it’s not uncommon for people to be so driven by their own need for help that they cannot see how terribly they are hurting others in the name of “help,” “compassion,” etc. Would they only step back and see what is right under their noses, they would be horrified at the weight of their actions.

Positive Work, Negative Attitude

Imagine you’re working at a soup kitchen. But rather than working with a peaceful mind and talking kindly with the impoverished, you’re rambling on in your mind about how terrible the people smell, that you hate your dad for forcing you to volunteer, that the people shouldn’t have been so lazy and dropped out of school, and on and on.

In instances like this, yes, the poor aren’t going hungry, and that’s great. But look at it this way:

As Dr. Masaru Emoto shows in his work (see, in one example, The True Power of Water), thought very directly affects the physical nature of things. Thought is mind energy that derives its power from emotional energy and manifests as physical perception and experience (“tangible energy”). Providing food is good, but even better is when food is a given and interaction is made from a space of human compassion, warmth, friendliness.

If you’re projecting negative vibes, beyond helping positively in the barest sense, you’re only bringing misery to the world. Making a holistically positive impact begins with a positive attitude.

Unsolicited Advice

No one likes to be told who, what, where, when, why, or how to do something without signing up for it.

And typically, perhaps because humans like to take the hardest path to accomplish tasks, when people advise us without our permission, even if we know they are right, we tend to stubbornly avoid doing what they’ve suggested. Unrequested advice is interference and should be avoided.

Also, unsolicited advice is not necessarily even good advice. Unconsciously, the people giving such “help” often don’t want to change their own beliefs and behaviors that they sense, if unconsciously, are flawed. They thus peddle their viewpoint to those doing “wrong” as “advice” hoping the others will adopt it as their own and thus be “proven” “right.”


“Babying” can be described as doing things for others, reminding others of things, and so on as if the people being babied are too helpless, ignorant, and so forth to do it themselves.

This issue revolves around the savior-victim mentality: One person is self-perceived as a caretaker, one is self-perceived as powerless, and both of these opposing energies reflect, attract, and “validate” each other.

We’re all interdependent, and we can all use help from time to time, but we’re also here as individuals to figure out life for ourselves. When we baby others we prevent them from learning in their own way and in their own time, and prevent them from developing into their highest (or maybe only their most moderate) self-potentials. When we allow ourselves to be babied we basically just degrade in self-perceived worth, power, etc. and become ever more dependent on others.

“Saviors” and “victims” beware that in certain instances, such as in intimate relationships, there is a savior-victim symbiosis going on. If you pull the plug, the one dependent on you is going to feel it as discomfort and may well take it out on you. Realize that their frustrations don’t necessarily mean that you’re doing something wrong or are being in any way unkind. People generally don’t like change, especially not when it exposes negative programming.

Talkin’ without the Walkin’

Imagine this: Imagine that your favorite holy person said, “Love one another,” and then beat people up. Or maybe he said, “Don’t make my Father’s house a place of business,” and then ordered slot machines to be installed in the pews at church. Or maybe she said, “Love your body and live well,” and then opened a fast food franchise supplied with Big Ag food and financed by Monsanto.

I’m not asking or expecting the average person to be the next great “holy one,” but there’s a tremendous deal to be said of someone who walks their talk. These people can do it because the life, and thus internal, areas in which they do it are integrated. Meaning, they do not carry the hypocrisy, fear, unworthiness, resentment, or any of a million other distortions that the average person may that would prevent them from stepping fully into their own power.

In my own experience, be it whatever it may be compared to the life of any other, my process of coming into integrity with who I truly am has been like off-roading in a Formula 1 racecar with square wheels. My hat (if I we’re wearing one) is off to anyone who dares to look fully within, take out the trash, and walk as their greatest self—in spite of the fact that they’ll still be putting their neck out in a world of slashing knives.

The “Hell-thcare” System

This last item is going to shock many people. Its negative effects are far above and beyond those of the issues I’ve so far expressed. It is an issue that desperately needs to be seen for what it is so that it can come to a swift end.

It seems to me that occupations within the healthcare system hold the ultimate resonance for people carrying helplessness/powerlessness distortions. While I feel this way intuitively for a number of reasons, the one that will be discussed here is that our modern healthcare system can and more often than not does put people through massive amounts of pain and suffering—if not death—in the name of “health” and “help”—all unnecessarily.

Yes, it is true that to accomplish such a feat there must be some soulless, profit-driven scumbags at the top of the hierarchy. But these heartless beings simply can’t accomplish such an evil deed without the help of countless workers who feel intensely helpless within, are blind to and blinded by that helplessness, and subconsciously believe they can ease their sense of helplessness by helping others.

If only people would take a moment to self-inquire into what they believe to be “real” and “true,” they’d see what is both tragically obvious and obviously tragic right before them:

Our Western medical establishment is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, causes of human pain, suffering, and death on this planet.

Take, for example, chemotherapy.

The victims who have to suffer this torture as treatment lose their hair, their immune systems fail, they vomit afterward, they experience fatigue and skin discoloration, they’ve likely been or will be surgically disfigured, and more. Chemotherapy fluid itself burns the skin, and it’s recommended that the burn victim go to an Emergency Room.

But does chemo work? Does it kill cancer?

It fucking kills everything! And in adults, the 5-year-survival average success rate is at an astonishingly low 2%! Plus, as Chris points out in the link just provided, 2% is a human “survival rate,” it is not a “cancer-free rate.”

If people would just step back, they’d see this horror. They’d see with internal eyes what their external eyes already see but remain blind to. It is so obvious.

You see, life works such that when we release the old and negative, something new and positive fills its place (unless we opt for more lies). If we let go of lies and torture, we’re going to be given “sight” and compassionate action.

Would people let go, would people truly be willing to see, Life would provide them, one way or another, with the truth.

They’d see that “Big Harma” and Big Medical, with their crony lobbyists and revolving-door politicians, are taking unfathomably evil advantage of people in their ignorance. They’d see how unwitting nurses are being utilized to poison diseased patients day-in and day-out. They’d see that it is literally Big Harma’s mission to slowly kill people—it’s a mega-billion dollar industry—people must remain sick and ignorant or they lose it all. They’d see how countless doctors accept and prescribe drugs due to their own ignorance, Big Harma disinformation campaigns, and even under threats of a revoked medical license and death. They’d see that iatrogenic deaths are one of the leading causes of death (at least in the US).

This and more would all be seen by emptying one’s proverbial cup of the false to allow in what is true. It’s the way life works.

I’m going to end this by leaving some links related to alternate cancer therapies and information. Be aware that within the last two years doctors who have been working toward exposing Big Harma and researching alternative therapies have been dying left and right, all under suspicious circumstances.

It’s vital that this information be known and shared. It is equally vital that we each look within and root out the cause(s) of our helplessness. Only then can we be helped—because we will be, finally, stepping into our own inherent power and helping ourselves. Only then can we truly help others.

To note: I don’t mean this cancer-bit as blame to those who’re unwittingly responsible within the medical field. We’ve all been dealt the card of supreme ignorance, and we’ve all been reluctant to discard it even though it’s the most dangerous card to carry. As things are now, though, people have to wake up, and people have to wake up fast.

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Saving Normal: An Insider's Revolt Against Out-of-Control Psychiatric Diagnosis, DSM-5, Big Pharma, and the Medicalization of Ordinary Life by Allen Francis, M.D.
Saving Normal is a huge contribution toward bringing the truth to medical outsiders. I don’t think cancer or vaccinations are ever mentioned since this book is about psychiatry, but coming from an insider, this is a valuable read as to the phenomenal corruption of and between the corporate, medical, pharma, and political establishments.