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Helpless “Help,” and the Intravenous Death That Is Chemotherapy

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

There’s a lot of helping that goes on in our world. All too often, however, what we call “help” is not actually helpful at all.

After a few words to give us a starting point, we’ll look at four “helping”-without-helping areas we may encounter in everyday life. We’ll end with a mission critical segment that has unfortunately become part of everyday life and is possibly, aside from war, humanity’s greatest disservice to itself—the big business of cancer and chemotherapy.

Looks Are Deceiving When We’re Deceivers

On the whole, we carry subconscious beliefs of being helpless. These drive us, unconsciously, to “help” others under the rationale, also unconscious, that by helping those we perceive helpless we will fill in the personal power-void within ourselves.

As with every other aspect of life that we feel lacking in internally, we seek fulfillment of them externally. But, truth is, we cannot ever fill our internal void in such a way because it’s impossible to satisfy internal needs with external gettings and doings.

These internal needs are only there because we carry (typically) childhood, parent-related traumas that causes us to believe ourselves less than whole. Naturally, having a certain job or owning an expensive possession cannot heal a trauma. Healing, restoring our inner, personal power and sense of worth, requires that we become aware of our programming and resolve it physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or energetically.

Such healing takes time, effort, and usually the aid of doctors, psychiatrists, spiritual teachers, reiki practitioners, etc. I obviously cannot offer these tools in this blog post, but I can provide suggestions as to where people get trapped in “helping” others while believing that in doing so they are helping themselves.

Please use extra awareness in this arena, because what we don’t know about ourselves internally leads us to blind behavior and self-deceiving perception externally. As I’ll provide factual evidence for below, it’s not uncommon for people to be so driven by their own need for help that they cannot see how terribly they are hurting others in the name of “help,” “compassion,” etc. Would they only step back and see what is right under their noses, they would be horrified at the weight of their actions.

Positive Work, Negative Attitude

Imagine you’re working at a soup kitchen. But rather than working with a peaceful mind and talking kindly with the impoverished, you’re rambling on in your mind about how terrible the people smell, that you hate your dad for forcing you to volunteer, that the people shouldn’t have been so lazy and dropped out of school, and on and on.

In instances like this, yes, the poor aren’t going hungry, and that’s great. But look at it this way:

As Dr. Masaru Emoto shows in his work (see, in one example, The True Power of Water), thought very directly affects the physical nature of things. Thought is mind energy that derives its power from emotional energy and manifests as physical perception and experience (“tangible energy”). Providing food is good, but even better is when food is a given and interaction is made from a space of human compassion, warmth, friendliness.

If you’re projecting negative vibes, beyond helping positively in the barest sense, you’re only bringing misery to the world. Making a holistically positive impact begins with a positive attitude.

Unsolicited Advice

No one likes to be told who, what, where, when, why, or how to do something without signing up for it.

And typically, perhaps because humans like to take the hardest path to accomplish tasks, when people advise us without our permission, even if we know they are right, we tend to stubbornly avoid doing what they’ve suggested. Unrequested advice is interference and should be avoided.

Also, unsolicited advice is not necessarily even good advice. Unconsciously, the people giving such “help” often don’t want to change their own beliefs and behaviors that they sense, if unconsciously, are flawed. They thus peddle their viewpoint to those doing “wrong” as “advice” hoping the others will adopt it as their own and thus be “proven” “right.”


“Babying” can be described as doing things for others, reminding others of things, and so on as if the people being babied are too helpless, ignorant, and so forth to do it themselves.

This issue revolves around the savior-victim mentality: One person is self-perceived as a caretaker, one is self-perceived as powerless, and both of these opposing energies reflect, attract, and “validate” each other.

We’re all interdependent, and we can all use help from time to time, but we’re also here as individuals to figure out life for ourselves. When we baby others we prevent them from learning in their own way and in their own time, and prevent them from developing into their highest (or maybe only their most moderate) self-potentials. When we allow ourselves to be babied we basically just degrade in self-perceived worth, power, etc. and become ever more dependent on others.

“Saviors” and “victims” beware that in certain instances, such as in intimate relationships, there is a savior-victim symbiosis going on. If you pull the plug, the one dependent on you is going to feel it as discomfort and may well take it out on you. Realize that their frustrations don’t necessarily mean that you’re doing something wrong or are being in any way unkind. People generally don’t like change, especially not when it exposes negative programming.

Talkin’ without the Walkin’

Imagine this: Imagine that your favorite holy person said, “Love one another,” and then beat people up. Or maybe he said, “Don’t make my Father’s house a place of business,” and then ordered slot machines to be installed in the pews at church. Or maybe she said, “Love your body and live well,” and then opened a fast food franchise supplied with Big Ag food and financed by Monsanto.

I’m not asking or expecting the average person to be the next great “holy one,” but there’s a tremendous deal to be said of someone who walks their talk. These people can do it because the life, and thus internal, areas in which they do it are integrated. Meaning, they do not carry the hypocrisy, fear, unworthiness, resentment, or any of a million other distortions that the average person may that would prevent them from stepping fully into their own power.

In my own experience, be it whatever it may be compared to the life of any other, my process of coming into integrity with who I truly am has been like off-roading in a Formula 1 racecar with square wheels. My hat (if I we’re wearing one) is off to anyone who dares to look fully within, take out the trash, and walk as their greatest self—in spite of the fact that they’ll still be putting their neck out in a world of slashing knives.

The “Hell-thcare” System

This last item is going to shock many people. Its negative effects are far above and beyond those of the issues I’ve so far expressed. It is an issue that desperately needs to be seen for what it is so that it can come to a swift end.

It seems to me that occupations within the healthcare system hold the ultimate resonance for people carrying helplessness/powerlessness distortions. While I feel this way intuitively for a number of reasons, the one that will be discussed here is that our modern healthcare system can and more often than not does put people through massive amounts of pain and suffering—if not death—in the name of “health” and “help”—all unnecessarily.

Yes, it is true that to accomplish such a feat there must be some soulless, profit-driven scumbags at the top of the hierarchy. But these heartless beings simply can’t accomplish such an evil deed without the help of countless workers who feel intensely helpless within, are blind to and blinded by that helplessness, and subconsciously believe they can ease their sense of helplessness by helping others.

If only people would take a moment to self-inquire into what they believe to be “real” and “true,” they’d see what is both tragically obvious and obviously tragic right before them:

Our Western medical establishment is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, causes of human pain, suffering, and death on this planet.

Take, for example, chemotherapy.

The victims who have to suffer this torture as treatment lose their hair, their immune systems fail, they vomit afterward, they experience fatigue and skin discoloration, they’ve likely been or will be surgically disfigured, and more. Chemotherapy fluid itself burns the skin, and it’s recommended that the burn victim go to an Emergency Room.

But does chemo work? Does it kill cancer?

It fucking kills everything! And in adults, the 5-year-survival average success rate is at an astonishingly low 2%! Plus, as Chris points out in the link just provided, 2% is a human “survival rate,” it is not a “cancer-free rate.”

If people would just step back, they’d see this horror. They’d see with internal eyes what their external eyes already see but remain blind to. It is so obvious.

You see, life works such that when we release the old and negative, something new and positive fills its place (unless we opt for more lies). If we let go of lies and torture, we’re going to be given “sight” and compassionate action.

Would people let go, would people truly be willing to see, Life would provide them, one way or another, with the truth.

They’d see that “Big Harma” and Big Medical, with their crony lobbyists and revolving-door politicians, are taking unfathomably evil advantage of people in their ignorance. They’d see how unwitting nurses are being utilized to poison diseased patients day-in and day-out. They’d see that it is literally Big Harma’s mission to slowly kill people—it’s a mega-billion dollar industry—people must remain sick and ignorant or they lose it all. They’d see how countless doctors accept and prescribe drugs due to their own ignorance, Big Harma disinformation campaigns, and even under threats of a revoked medical license and death. They’d see that iatrogenic deaths are one of the leading causes of death (at least in the US).

This and more would all be seen by emptying one’s proverbial cup of the false to allow in what is true. It’s the way life works.

I’m going to end this by leaving some links related to alternate cancer therapies and information. Be aware that within the last two years doctors who have been working toward exposing Big Harma and researching alternative therapies have been dying left and right, all under suspicious circumstances.

It’s vital that this information be known and shared. It is equally vital that we each look within and root out the cause(s) of our helplessness. Only then can we be helped—because we will be, finally, stepping into our own inherent power and helping ourselves. Only then can we truly help others.

To note: I don’t mean this cancer-bit as blame to those who’re unwittingly responsible within the medical field. We’ve all been dealt the card of supreme ignorance, and we’ve all been reluctant to discard it even though it’s the most dangerous card to carry. As things are now, though, people have to wake up, and people have to wake up fast.

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