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As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

There’s an axiom you may have heard: As above, so below.

Similar to this is, As within, so without.

The point of both being that what we see on one level is a reflection of every other level: from the macrocosm to the microcosm, the physical through the spiritual, it’s all repeated over and over again, different only in presentation.

What I illustrate here is a variety of ways in which the given axioms express this ever-present, reflective nature of existence.

Individual Reflections

Let’s start at the individual level with a mirror-view of internal to external.

A simple example can be seen in a person who feels rich within experiencing richness without.

Using this type of scenario, it’s important to be mindful of what “rich” means. Of course, we cannot have inner richness in a form such as money, so inner richness must involve some realization of self-worth. Depending upon the area of inner richness, a person could experience outer happiness, financial prosperity, material abundance, and so on, each to the degree the individual believes they’re worthy of.

To point out, the mirror is the mirror even when it may not immediately appear so. If we live in a poverty-rent country, it is possible to have inner riches without the outer—the outer riches simply don’t exist for anyone, period, but that doesn’t undermine, say, an deep inner peace if one has attained it.

Similarly, we cannot force riches. Even if we win big in the lottery, if we’re miserable within, we’ll end up somehow making a big mess of things. Or if we don’t have inner riches but try to act happy-go-lucky as though we do, our behavior will be belied by a life of constant struggle (an experience which is there so we can see and heal it and attain true riches).

As a different example, consider someone who carries a deep sense of guilt, especially religious guilt since it often comes with a sense of “dirtiness.”

One person might express this perceived inner “dirt” by making a daily effort to go to confession, to do service work, and so on. Another person might perceive the same inner “dirt” but feel driven to wash their hands incessantly and bathe for extended periods.

In the former case, the person sees “sin,” and then labels it and deals with it as such. For someone in the latter case, their apparent guilt, which is mostly unconscious to them, sits in their awareness as a general feeling of “dirtiness.”

In either case, as the outer is a reflection of the inner, the body and its behaviors (external) become a mirror of the mental-emotional imbalance (internal) in order that it may become conscious and then be healed.

Metaphysical Causation and Extensions of Self

What we see as a given physical symptom of illness had its birth months, years, or even decades earlier as one or more mental-emotional distortions (i.e.: fears, false beliefs, and/or traumas). Add a life-load of these up and it becomes evident why so many people have such an inordinate number of physical maladies (no say nothing of the more mentally- and emotionally-oriented disorders).

I’d known this when I became sick nearly five years ago, so I went right to looking for connections between my bodily symptoms and their metaphysical causes. For the most part, I used the list presented here: Our Spiritual Nutrition - is05.

Yet, there were plenty of other physical problems I was having that we’re "body-not-body"-related.

You see, problems begin first at the emotional level. If emotional energy isn’t allowed to flow cleanly, if the ego-mind takes hold and says, “I refuse to feel this!” then the emotion stagnates somewhere in the body and the mind creates false reasons to prevent it from moving. As time goes on this energy becomes deeply repressed and often layered over with other issues and at some point, sooner or later, manifests as blatant physical body illness, nervous tics, etc.

If we resolve the imbalances early enough, great. But when we don't, when we’re not getting the message, our possessions become an extension of our body (and all the more subtle levels) and will in some way reflect the discord. I’ve discussed this at length in the blog post “When Is a Car Not a Car? When It’s a Mirror!”

One new item I will point out here regards my laptop (and, dang, has my laptop been a trooper). One of the most frequent issues I’d experienced while sick was inflammation. This shouldn’t be strange since perhaps all sickness implies inflammation. However, at least in my mind, inflammation also implies lots of heat: “in-flame”-ation.

What I came to notice is that my laptop’s processor would overheat whenever I was eating in such a way as to aggravate the inflammation. If I’d stop eating poorly, the overheating would stop; if I’d again eat poorly, the overheating would recur.

If I were still uncertain of the reflective nature of life, I'm pretty sure metaphysical causation would be the selling point. Although I'm not always sure how connections are made between physical issues and metaphysical causes, mirroring is commonly, dare I say, obvious—like refusing to change old beliefs, and then getting constipated, and then having a plumbing back up, and then having the car's exhaust system break.

If we'd look, we'd see the connections. Maybe not all. Maybe we'd need to develop our intuition further or ask an intuitive person for help, but life isn't holding back either. It's our choice (both conscious and subconscious) as to how much we're willing to see.

The Macrocosm, the Microcosm, the Cosmos

Another way of looking at the sameness of things is in given foods and what those foods strongly benefit.

One example is a walnut: a walnut looks like a brain, and its nutritional qualities reveal that it supports brain function. A second example is carrots: cross-sectioned carrots offer the appearance of eyes which are a very common body part carrots are known to support.

On a grander scale, solar systems bear a striking resemblance to atoms.

On top of their orbital behavior, you may have noticed, there’s a great deal of space in outer space. Zooming in to the level of an atom, tightly packed though we might imagine it to be, it too is 99.9% empty. Similarly, compare the images of a collective of neurons to (depending upon how they’re depicted) galactic supercluster maps.

As much as life is wildly diverse, it’s also much the same.

The Powers Within and the Powers Without

Of a topic far less exciting but needful to mention is politics.

People get so crazy about who’s elected into office and what they are or aren’t doing, but few realize, or at least want to admit, that this political madness is merely an in-your-face reflection of the collective consciousness.

We’ve got perverts running rampant in government, and we’ve got thorough sexual distortion in society. We’ve got money-grabbing, power-hungry heathens in government, and we’ve got poor-me, helpless-victim, blindly-faithful citizens in society.

We’ve tell ourselves, “If these two primary candidates are my only options, then I guess I have to vote for the lesser of the two evils,” and then go vote for evil, all the while wondering why our world is going to shit.

Folks, if we’d like to get real, we must acknowledge that we as a collective have merely had a cover-the-corruption government because we as individuals, and automatically then as a collective, have aggressively worked to suppress our own internal corruption.

As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away…”
--Revelation 21:1

Many people see heaven as a specific place, as a physical location that is eternally perfect and unchanging, where God and the angels and the saints and all “The Chosen Ones” live joyfully forever and ever, Amen.

Heaven might be better seen along these lines:

An attainable mindset and perceptual experience individually, and a “place” when a location is absent of negative energy, entities, etc. and/or when a collective of people all share the same general enlightened and positive disposition in one such a location.

As there is turmoil on earth, all dimensions of existence experience some degree of the same. As and when this turmoil is overcome, all dimensions will feel the impact.

The implication of Revelation 21:1 is therefore (in part) that in the end there will be a new heaven and a new earth because neither heaven nor earth are fixed.

As the individual renews himself, so is the collective renewed. As the collective is renewed, so is the earth renewed. As the earth is renewed, so is heaven. As heaven is renewed, so is the individual.

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