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My UFO Encounters

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

Here’s a little something different.

It’s a modified version of a collection of posts I’d written for my former blog Without a Story. It’s about my UFO sightings.

As a quick note, be aware that I’m crappy at estimating distance measurements. Hopefully the adjustments I've made to distance and size are more accurate than in the original. And distance is important because in my first two encounters the UFOs were nearly close enough to touch.

My First UFO Encounter

When I was about twelve years old (1996/-97-ish), my bedroom was moved from the second floor of the house to the just-remodeled attic. On the west wall of the room are two quarter windows. The headboard of my bed was against the window on the right, which didn't yet have a shade installed.

Holding a deep fascination for outer space, I thought I’d use the lack of window cover to my advantage. Why not peer into the night sky before going to sleep? From my 12-year-old perspective, it was a great idea. But it had only lasted about a night or two before the most peculiar of things occurred.

I was looking out the window when an object caught about 198% of my attention. There was a lime green glowing orb floating over my neighbor’s house and sometimes between our houses. It was about 10-12 inches in diameter, bright and opaque in the center and more translucent and dim toward the outer edges, and at distances ranging between about 6 and 15 feet away. It moved slowly and silently in no discernible pattern.

Quite scared, I went and told my parents. After receiving the lame answer of “probably college kids with remote-controlled airplanes,” they told me to go back to sleep. So I went and got into bed, and I pulled my blankets up and my body in against the headboard as tightly as I could in hopes that I wouldn't see the UFO again and it wouldn't see me. The next day I covered my window with newspaper.

My Second UFO Encounter

On 4/21/12, just two days after I'd originally published the above story, I went for a walk. It was one of those instances when you think beforehand you’re going to go in one direction but once walking you feel compelled to go somewhere completely different.

So, go somewhere different is just what I did. And as I was walking along, I looked to my right and noticed a cigar-shaped object, roughly 30 feet long and 7 feet in diameter, hovering about 200 feet in the air only 200 feet away. There was a valley below the object, which I was at the top of, so the object was actually quite near to eye level. (To those familiar with J. Birney Crum stadium in Allentown, PA, I was walking East on the North side of Turner Street. The object was over the bleachers and about level with the booth at the top.)

The UFO appeared to be of a very deep, dark blue color and was nothing more than a body. Meaning, there were no wings or fins or propellers or rocket boosters or any external sign of air-harvesting, exhaust, or propulsion mechanisms. Heck, there wasn’t a single visible feature such as a window, hatch, light, decal, or anything, and it didn’t make a sound.

Weather-wise it was windy, yet this object was moving slooooowly, seeming to defy the air current coming up behind it. The object was moving only slightly faster than I was walking, which was around 2 mph.

At first, this "craft," as I will now call it, moved in an easterly parallel to the road I was walking on. It stayed level with the ground and its body remained rigid. Even with the moderate wind, the craft seemed untouched: no twist, no roll, no flex, no wobble, no spin, no nothing.

Within a few minutes, a most peculiar thing happened: The craft began a slow ascent. But it wasn’t like it just began rising vertically or being blown around as a balloon. Maintaining its rigidity and its exact road-parallel positioning, the nose of the craft angled upward to 45-degrees as it made a short, curved climb, then leveled off again.

I think the best way to describe this is to say that the movements felt to me as incredibly deliberate, exceptionally measured and certain. It was as if the center point of the craft had been connected tangentially to the curves of an invisible rail system.

After making 2 or 3 of these small up-curve moves and leveling after each, the craft continued to ascend while making a very large, arcing turn northeastward. About halfway through this turn, a second most peculiar thing happened.

The as yet rigid craft began curling its body around in the sky like a snake in tight horizontal and vertical C- and S-shaped maneuvers. As with the prior movements, the C/S maneuvers looked very calculated, as if the craft had been following some preconfigured set of coordinates.

As quickly as the movements began it was over. The craft returned to its state of seemingly absolute rigidity and continued on, appearing to face northward while moving northeastward and climbing ever higher up into the clouds.

At the point I turned away to walk home, about 10 minutes into the show, the craft was hardly visible anymore.

Other Experiences

At the end of January 2013, I looked out my front bedroom window and saw the following:

Which is not to say that I’d seen a 3-color bitmap image. But this image I’d made in MS Paint is plenty accurate in depicting what I’d seen.

As much as I could tell, the sky was otherwise cloudless. Just a lonesome, flat white, symmetrically-shaped cloud wandering southward, faded a bit on the left side… and having a face… like someone had taken the world’s biggest ice cream scoop and carved it right out.

Another time I was out for a walk and saw what appeared like this:

There were some other clouds around this one, something that’s not uncommon with ships appearing as clouds, but this one just struck me as very UFO-ish. What it was I obviously can’t say, but knowing that other people have seen and photographed similar suggest to me that there may have been more to it than meets the eye.

Otherwise, I’ve had a few other UFO experiences, one of which I have a second witness for. In all of these cases, I’ve seen what appear as small, individual spheres in the sky.

Some of these I will acknowledge as most likely being balloons. For example, I saw one of them around sunset. I noticed it when it was already quite high and far in the distance. It seemed to fluidly continue its progression higher and more distant. It occasionally became brighter in a reflective way which leads me to think it was one of those reflective-back, seamed birthday balloons with Elmo or Sponge Bob on the front.

The others, however, were a more peculiar. They were small, silver/gray spheres that seemed to do their own thing, caring neither how the wind was blowing nor that gravity was attempting to pull them downward. I recall the one was about a quarter- to half-mile away and maybe 500 feet up. It just sat there completely stationary.

I can’t say with any certainty what these things were. Balloons? Maybe. ET crafts? Maybe. Anti-gravity AI devices from the government’s Secret Space Program? Maybe. I really don’t know.

What I do know is that I’ve been witness to some highly unusual things floating in our skies, several of which were much more significant than the sighting of these smaller objects.

The Obligatory Self-Help Portion

I know there are a lot of people out there who know or believe there is intelligent life off-planet, in human/humanoid form or otherwise. To you, I hope my stories have brightened your day and offer more credence to your own feelings, sightings, etc.

Why So Scared?
I’m also aware that plenty of others still think—or at least force themselves to think—ET life to be unbelievable and may see me as a fool and my words as false. If you’re in this category and have made it this far, I’d like you to consider that your rejection is not toward me or my message but toward the discomfort you feel in regard to my message.

Stop and see what’s really happening inside. Self-inquire as to what beliefs and fears, or even traumas, are keeping you so limited and how you think you’re benefiting through closed-mindedness.

Selective Ignorance
Similarly, there are things in life that scream at us: Hey! What you’ve been told is true is false! and yet people continue seeing what they want to see and will sometimes fight adamantly to maintain the false narrative.

When we simply believe what is false and thus perceive what is false, it’s understandable because it’s part of the path we all take as we evolve from ignorance to awareness. Contrarily, when we believe and perceive what is false and then fight to preserve these falsehoods to protect “who I am,” this is a problem, especially when we condemn and hurt others in the process.

Cognitive Dissonance and “Sacred Authority”
Any arising discomfort can also be used as an opportunity to see how cognitive dissonance may be distorting alignment between your intellectual, intuitive, and sensory/experiential awareness.

Having an analytical yet open mind, at the time I’d seen the cigar-shaped craft, for instance, I was able to see what I was seeing for what it was—an Unidentified Flying Object. I was able to digest the experience rationally and honor my raw perception of it defying everything I’d been told about “how it is,” “how things work,” and so forth. I’d considered other possibilities such as it maybe being a huge balloon. These hypotheses made no sense, however, based on what I’d seen and what I didn’t see or hear but thought I should have.

It’s in an instance like this where UFO-deniers could argue day and night with me (assuming I’d want to put myself through the agony) that I’m sorely mistaken and, surely, there’s a logical explanation.

But how can anyone say that what I’m asserting is not a logical explanation? Woe unto he who believes he and modern, mainstream science already know everything about everything; who believes that only “authority” has all the right answers or at least the sole right to them!

Advanced Technology
The universe is ancient beyond ancient. If we drop the Western religious notion that man was just put here—BAM!—a couple thousand years ago, who of any common sense could dare suggest that there’s no other intelligent life?

And because there is intelligent life, how Earth-centric and man-as-we-think-we-know-him-exceptionalistic must someone be to think that we are at the peak of technological evolution; that there’s not some civilization (or thousands of them) that is even a mere 1000 Earth-years more advanced than us?

Naturally, the tech issue must come up because UFO travel is obviously not via rocket power. Rather it’s blazing fast, clean, soundless, defies gravity, and would require a power source that is inexhaustible. Even if we don’t know how to do this stuff (which the military industrial complex does know), clearly someone does.

In extension, my mention of potentially seeing two crafts with cloud-cloaking technology, may not then be all that crazy… And for any Western religionists, don’t forget a cloud descended over Mt. Sinai when Moses went up to get the Ten Commandments. If he didn’t make them himself, who did? If people want to believe there's some old man in the sky named “God” who has so physically interacted with certain holy men back in the day, that's their business, but I’m not buying it.

The Messenger’s Credibility
Also consider who is providing the information.

If you know me and/or if you’ve read this blog, you know I’m an open-minded, intuitive, and intelligent individual. You know I do my research and ground a great deal of what I say in experience. You know I’m not into fear-mongering, and you know, bizarre as what I say may seem at times, that I look at my experiences from a variety of perspectives before sharing them. And I’ve certainly not been short in offering encouragement for you to do your own research—within and without, and on both sides of the argument—in order to prove what I say to yourself—or prove me wrong. The comments are always open, too—don’t be mean and don’t be shy.

Now, admittedly, I could be wrong, I could make mistakes. (I don’t think either has ever happened, but I just want to throw it out there because, as a human, it is possible. […That was a joke, by the way. You can laugh.]) But I could also be doing exactly what I came here to do, and that’s to rationally and consciously shatter the illusion that we’ve been living in and calling “reality” for far too long—a task not too many people seem up for.

“What’s In It for Me?”
Finally, consider what I or those with a similar message have to gain—or lose.

Promoting UFO and ET existence isn’t exactly a booming business. Just about everyone involved has taken flack, whether this be as minute as being called an “dumbass” or as devastating as having their houses broken into, all their possessions stolen, and sometimes even having their lives taken.

Contrarily, the mainstream, be this media, big business, the military industrial complex, or whoever, have a lot to lose in credibility, profit, power, secrecy, etc.

To Close…

I’ve seen multiple UFOs in my life, two of which were in very close proximity to me. Many others have seen, and have sometimes recorded, similar.

Are any of us perfect, know-all observers or researchers? No. Do some people make up phony stories? Yes.

But to flat-out discount all of the thousands of reports—including what government and military insiders have themselves stated—is willfully ignorant foolishness.

“Is there life out there? Good heavens! To doubt it is more than a failure of the imagination—it is a failure to recognize the limits of our own stupidity, the nescience of our science, the rudiment of our tools. We listen, we search, we hope for a sign as if our eyes and ears aren’t good enough, our brains large enough, our egos small enough.”

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