Monday, March 19, 2018

Blinded by Intellect

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

The Intellect: The Good

Intelligence is useful. Sometimes intelligence is very useful.

Had our intelligence not developed, we’d neither be able to fly cross-continent to see that borders don’t truly exist between countries nor be able take care of our business in porcelain devices that flush their human waste deposits two miles away for treatment.

As such, the intellect is a good thing. It’s a crucial and perfect aspect of creation.

The Intellect: The Bad

There is trouble, much trouble, however, in the way we’ve been taught to use our intellects.

As a collective, we’ve been fixated almost exclusively on perceiving and processing our experiences in a data-driven, rational, logical fashion.

Yet, this linear, yes-no, feelingless activity comprises only a small portion of full brain function and human capacity. And so regardless of what experiential inputs are received by a given mind, they are all sent through filters such as, Is this or is this not possible? and…

The Ego: The Ugly

Time out. We can’t proceed forward with the above thought without first having another vital piece of information.

Increasingly as we develop brain functionality and our ability to feel and intuit, we realize, even though we can’t point to our knowing empirically, that who we are and how life is is waaaay greater, more expansive, fluid, and whole than whatever the outside world tells us.

One thing we’d realize specifically is that we’re all connected. Another is that duality does not truly exist. Another is that we’re all here for each other’s highest spiritual good.

Why these realizations matter is because they confirm for us, through personal inner-knowing, who we truly are and how life truly is.

When we don’t have this inner awareness, when we’re shut off from it, we must necessarily look to the dualistic, external world to tell us who we supposedly are, how life supposedly is.

We come to depend heavily upon our intellects, and so we further suppress our capacity to feel and intuit, and we negate the power and abstract abilities of the right brain hemisphere.

Dramatically limited in our awareness of only the gross physicality of existence, we absorb experience as a set of concepts to be made one’s own in order to have an identity, in order to “be somebody important”…

A “somebody important” who is completely false, yet doesn’t realize it, and will often fight ardently to maintain this identity.

The Intellect: The Bad—Revisited, with Ego

I’d been saying that there is much trouble in the way we’ve been taught to use our intellects.

Again… We’ve been fixated almost exclusively on perceiving and processing our experiences in a data-driven, rational, logical fashion.

Yet, this linear, yes-no, feelingless activity comprises only a small portion of full brain function and human capacity. And so regardless of what experiential inputs are received by a given mind, they are all sent through filters such as, Is this or is this not possible? and, egoically, Do I want to know the truth about this?

The mind’s responses to these filters shape the output—that is, what the mind informs one’s conscious awareness—which appears as “reality.”

So, if someone of intellectual bent and ego-enamoring sees a laser shoot from the sky to the earth, for example, their intellect is going to immediately process the information through filters such as the two noted above. They might then think, There is no such technology, and if there were, I’m afraid to find out about it and don’t want to know about it.

The result would be an “unseeing” of what truly happened. Yes, the imprint of the experience would always remain, if only in seed form. But the ego and intellect would justify in any way it could that “truly” there had been no laser. A cover story would be fabricated, no matter how preposterous, to “prove” the laser must surely have a natural, reasonable explanation; It was just the way the sun flickered on my glasses as I turned my head.

Fear: The Ugliest

You may have noticed that interwoven in this mess of intellect and ego is fear.

For instance, the question posed above, Do I want to know the truth about this? is not a matter of whether or not such a thing is of interest but instead a cause for self-protection.

When only the physical and intellectual faculties are available, life is quite a scary thing because life is exactly as it appears, and it appears based on false beliefs and fears designed for survival, designed as though danger is nearly always imminent. These fears and false beliefs are egoic superfood, and the ego will do anything it can to sustain itself, even if this means destruction of its physical vehicle and/or other.

A Poorly Used Tool

Ultimately, the intellect is a tool of complete indifference—it’s a data processing mechanism.

But with glorification of this mechanism and the virtual renunciation of the felt, intuitive, and abstraction-based faculties, what is perceived when also filtered through ego is limiting, inaccurate, fear-driven, and saturated in false identity.

2 Examples

To further explain my point of intellect and ego overwhelming sensibility and feeling while perceiving life only superficially and selfishly, I offer 2 examples. The first is of modern physics, the second is of diet and health.

Modern physics
A few times in recent years I’ve seen some of the work and theories of the Thunderbolts Project, the main proponents of the Electric Universe (EU) theory.

Most notably, I’ve watched the following 3 videos (which, by the way, you need not be a science geek to appreciate):
  1. Symbols of an Alien Sky
  2. Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Electric Comet
  3. Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Lightning Scarred Planet, Mars
I’m no science fanatic, but I’m hardly scientifically illiterate. And my sense for the information provided in these videos is that, even if it’s not all true, there is quite a bit of data in varying formats (scientific experimentation, archeological, etc.) that provides quality evidence to support the EU’s cause.

As I was looking into the EU theory a little while back, I came across the website of a leading figure in conventional physics. And I was both amazed and saddened.

The guy had made a short blog post regarding the absurdity of the EU theory and basically the whole comment section served only to bash the theory and the people aligning with it. If I recall correctly, one of the guys from the Thunderbolts Project had commented a few times and was actually decent about it, but the majority of others hammered away in negativity, including the article’s author.

Yes, I acknowledge that the EU proponents are saying the theory answers everything about how the universe works, but sometimes can’t then say how. Okay, fine, then let’s not jump too quickly to saying, “We have the answer,” when, in fact, the answer is yet unknown.

Nevertheless, after seeing the evidence in the videos I’ve linked to above, my mind is blown, blown, and blown again that people who claim to be “intelligent,” “smart,” etc. can see scientific evidence that either proves or at least highly suggests alternate potentials, possibilities, or realities/truths, and still attack the Electric Universe theory and its proponents so viciously.

When the hell did modern physics finally know everything, anyway? I don’t recall seeing the memo regarding that particular moment.

So long, “scientific objectivity,” and hello, ego mania.

Diet and Health
If you’ve done regular internet research regarding diet, food, health, and physical healing, then you’re likely aware of the perpetual war as to The Single Best Diet for Every Man, Woman, and Child In the Universe. (It yet being uncertain whether this universe is electric or not…)

If you have any ability whatsoever to see this matter rationally—something it seems few within these diet circles do—then you can see how ridiculous the whole thing is; you can see how intensely dependent people are on their “optimal” diets as identifiers as to “who I am.”

So many of these folks, whether they’re in alignment with paleo, veganism, or otherwise, rationalize a lot of nonsense while mixing it with a lot of seeming truth—“seeming” being placed in italics because experience and science very often validate and discredit both sides simultaneously.

If you’re familiar with Paleo, you’re probably familiar with one of its leading proponents (who will go unnamed here). The guy has a massive audience, and yet his logic and the science he draws from can at times be so stupid.

I recall one instance where he’d used “scientific” research to back up his argument for low-carb dieting by stating that a research report said, more or less, that “plant fiber is unhealthy for the intestines due to all of its ‘ripping and tearing’ of intestinal tissue.”

“Ripping and tearing”!? For cryin’ loud! If eating a low-carb or ketogenic diet truly works for someone, great! But man has been consuming plant fibers abundantly since the day man came into existence. He needs to be vastly more worried about being hurt by war, vaccinations, negative karma, and his own idiocy and crisis-of-identity dinosaur flop than being injured by a fucking stalk of celery!

Yet herds of people buy into all this crap and idolize this guy. It’s incredible.

People are so disconnected from their own true Self-identities; so disconnected from their emotions, their intuition, their body sense. They’ve become hyper-fixated on intellectualization and therefore on a wildly bogus idea of “who I need to be in order to be okay because I’m not okay as is.”

End of Rant

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the intellect. And, really, there’s nothing inherently wrong with ego since ego ideally acts as a placeholder of soul individuality in human form.

Similarly, there’s nothing inherently wrong with leaning toward conventional physics or the Electric Universe theory, paleo or veganism, or whatever or whatever else. We’re all learning, and we will all take varying paths covering countless diverse topics to find out that sometimes we’re right, sometimes we’re wrong, sometimes we’re somewhere in between, and many times what is 100% true for one is not in any way, shape, or form true for another.

A great many people cannot see this, however. The intellect has become revered above all, and false identification runs amok… in a prison cell of its own limitation. The consequence is irrational thought, speech, and behavior—or insanity—packaged to look like wisdom, righteousness, and intelligence, that must necessarily function by design: service to self.

Is this really what we want?

Is this really what you want?

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