Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Numerology and Angel Numbers

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness


A caveman doesn’t know about the wheel, much less does he understand mathematics. And numerology—pffft!

But as man evolves and develops his holistic physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, he slowly becomes able to understand and manipulate his world more clearly and readily. First he acquires the wheel, then he learns to adapt the wheel to suit his needs. This goes on for a time in which as he evolves so do his creations. Both become increasingly more sophisticated, and at some point he acquires the ability of measurement and mathematics.

As more time passes, this man becomes holistically refined and distant enough from the daily struggle for his survival that he is able to begin looking inward. This in-looking gradually allows man to become aware of the most refined, sophisticated, and subtle things of all: the unseen energies that pervade all of existence.

What’s been going on recently here on earth is that people are awakening to these more subtle aspects and energies of themselves and life. To varying degrees, this awakening brings with it an ability to perceive and utilize the energies and tools that have been placed under the label, numerology.

Numerology and the Numerologist

When people speak of numerology, they’re speaking of something real yet beyond common perception.

As I’ve discussed in the past, most people are intellectually honed, and so they perceive digits and numbers only as digits and numbers: in all circumstances, a 3 is a 3 is a 3. There are people, though, who perceive beyond intellectual interpretation; they are often called a numerologists.

What makes the perception of a numerologist different from that of the average person is their ability to perceive the subtle energies that pervade all of life and “get” an intuitive understanding based on what these energies are “saying.” As it happens in this divinely organized and orchestrated existence which can be defined in mathematical ways, the energies of life follow recurrent patterns that can be symbolically expressed with digits and number sequences.

The work of a numerologist is much the same as a mathematician demonstrating, among other concepts, the Pythagorean Theorem (PT). This theorem exists as an inherent aspect of nature whether we know of it or can see it mathematically or not. And what’s happened is, someone came along (though I forget his name…) and said, “Ah, yes. When I study the dimensions of certain shapes in physical creation—that is, concrete, visible forms of energy—I am able to describe them with the formula a2 + b2 = c2.”

A numerologist does more or less the same thing only with their feeling and intuition of energies unseen.

Numbers: Life Path, Address, Destiny, etc.

The energetic patterns which underlie the directives of people’s lives can be signified by numbers. These patterns, which are relatively few but make for unique combinations when aggregated within individuals and the collective, affect us all whether we are aware of the patterns or not.

One number is Life Path (numbers 1 to 10, 11, 22, or 33) which signifies one of the main 13 energy currents that affect a person’s overall life experiences, lessons, etc. Way oversimplifying the energy description, if someone is a Life Path 2, for example, since 2 represents, in part, a dualistic energy, the person will tend toward extremes and will have to learn balance.

As to how this number is determined, I recommend checking out the Token Rock Numerology Calculator. Arriving at a Life Path number is quite simple, but there are some important points worth noting. Token Rock has explained it well, so there’s no need for me to reinvent the wheel, here.

Another energetic influence described by a number is the mailing address number of a house. This can be found by adding up all of the digits in an address and then adding the resultant digits to get a single digit. As to what any of these numbers suggest, you can see Joanne Walmsley’s house number page. (If you’re wondering, yes, when fifty “identical” houses are built in a row, the number addresses given to them each tell of the varying energies that will be carried by them and affect the people living within them.)

Otherwise, numerology can be used to understand the energies of the person of a given name, of a person’s destiny, of a certain month or day in a given year, and a whole host of other things.

Everything is, in and of itself, made of energy. And countless energies, some steady (such as a life path) and some fluid (daily energy), flow through this everything. Even if we don’t have the skill of a gifted numerologist to feel and intuitively “get” this energy, by becoming aware of it we become able to see how it plays a role in our lives and then use it to our advantage.

Angel Numbers

Another form numerology takes is what has been called “Angel Numbers.”

You’ve probably heard someone (or have been that someone) who’d just seen 11:11 on a clock say, “11:11! Make a wish!” For most people, seeing such a number is a rarity, it’s more or less random. Plus, they’re only making a big deal of it and telling others to make a wish because that’s what others have done. They have no idea what is being presented to them, if anything.

When a person is spiritually awakening, these Angel Numbers appear regularly, sometimes seemingly excessively, and in all varieties and combinations. They might appear on license plates, UPC codes, addresses, or any of three thousand and a half other things. Depending upon their message and whether we “get” that message or not, these numbers may appear once or repeatedly for extended periods of time.

The idea of Angel Numbers is that beings from the other side of the veil are guiding us toward the highest and best life path. They cannot directly tell us many things for a variety of reasons (the most important being the Law of Free Will—they cannot interfere), but they are allowed to arrange things in our external world and prod our conscious awareness in certain directions in order for us to become aware of useful bits of information. With Angel Numbers, presented as single digits, repeating digits, or sequences, we are provided numerically-coded messages.

Noticing the numbers at all is the start; how much a person “gets” is a matter of how developed their intuition is. For myself, I see the numbers and have seen them for almost ten years, now. I don’t easily “get” their meaning, however, so I’m often checking out resources by two well-known numerologists, Joanne Walmsley and Doreen Virtue, who “get” with amazing depth and clarity. I then take what they say and do my best to see how their intuitive suggestions (because no one’s answer is exactly anyone else’s answer) apply to my own experience.

Angel Number Resources:
Joanne Walmsley - Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers – Index

Joanne Walmsley - Numerology - The Vibration and Meaning of Numbers

Doreen Virtue - Number Sequences from the Angels

Angel Number Examples

Imagine if you woke up one morning and looked at the clock and saw 7:57 am. You got ready for work, got into your car, and noticed that the car parked in front of you, a car you’d never seen before, had a number in the license plate of 757. On your way to work you stopped to get gas and for some unusual reason the pump stopped pumping at 7.57 gallons. At work, a customer called asking about information in an email you had archived. As you looked through your emails, you noticed that you had 757 total archived emails. Soon after, you went and bought lunch which, you probably could have guessed, cost you $7.57. Then at the end of your work day, the road you normally take to go home was at a standstill so you’d taken a back way… only to have noticed for the first time ever that the road you were on is State Route 757.

This is the ways Angel Numbers can work. You can’t make it up. Things have to align so perfectly, if unusually, and yet they do align in this way time and time again.

And you take notice. Not like, “Meh. Yeah. So I saw a bunch of 757’s today. Big deal,” but rather with a “get,” a sense you cannot explain that’s says, “This means something to me. I may not know what, but in some way I cannot describe, it feels like Life itself is trying to tell me something.” You just know.

As I’d gone through the roughest parts of my dark night of the soul, I was seeing 55’s all the time. The number 5, in part, is a number of change and letting go. Well, I was holding on super tightly and so I was continually being guided to “let go and allow space for change.” Also, my intuitive “get” on seeing 55’s is that I’m being guided to actually do or stop doing something, whereas my intuitive “get” when seeing 555’s is more like, “change is happening, just go with the flow.” In these latter cases, I don’t make any special effort to change or let go; it doesn’t seem necessary.

Two Angel Numbers I’ve experienced recently are 4 & 9 combinations and 2 & 6 combinations. For the last month or two, I’ve been seeing a lot 4 & 9 combos. Unable to intuit the meaning, I’d looked this one up a few times. A potential meaning is that one door is closing and another is opening, so I should prepare for the new. This sort of made sense to me, but I’d not been able to “get” specifics out of it. I eventually wised up, and just before going to sleep one night I’d asked for dream guidance as to the meaning.

In a dream that night, I saw myself handing business cards to people. This made me realize something very important: my dark night was finally coming to a close. In the past I’d often considered upgrading my blog in various ways but it had always felt ill-timed or I had been “coincidentally” stopped (like a webpage repeatedly wouldn’t load no matter when I’d tried it). When I woke up the next day, I immediately began researching and upgrading my blog.

Along the way, there was a period of a few days when I began seeing 2 & 6 number combos seemingly all over the place. The suggested guidance was that I’d be either making a purchase or would soon be acquiring something new. The 2’s & 6’s stopped coming into my awareness after I’d purchased a domain name for this blog on rather short notice.

On several occasions, I’ve seen bursts of 888’s. The 8 represents, in part, abundance and karma, and a possible meaning is that one could receive financial payment for something they’d previously done for someone. Sure enough, within hours or perhaps the next day, I either received payment for previous work or a few hours of work unexpectedly came up and I was payed for it immediately.

The Arguments

I’m not going to offer an argument for numbers such as life Life Path, Destiny, etc. Sometimes the number meanings can be tougher to correlate with one's life and so denial is understandable. But generally speaking, I feel that if any person were to look up their personal numbers and meanings, have readings done for them by a worthwhile numerologist, and were able to be fairly honest about themselves, their feelings, and so on, then they would see the validity of numerology.

For instance, my Destiny number is 2. When I read the 2 Destiny description presented by Christine Delorey of Creative Numerology, I’m nothing short of blown away. It’s as if she’d watched my whole life and then wrote a generalization about it. It’s incredible to me how accurate it is to me personally, and yet it’s the same basic report that applies to every other 2 Destiny.

There is also the Western religionist’s admonition: “Avoid numerology because it’s a tool of the devil.” This is an empty argument. All anyone has to do is read the Bible, or one book thereof. Over and over and over again, there is the use of numbers such as 12, 7, 144, and many others. This is numerical symbolism—a.k.a.: numerology!

Angel Numbers are somewhat different because they’re fully based on an intuitive “get.” Either you “get” it or you don’t.

I’ve heard the argument that the perception of Angel Numbers comes about because I’ve consciously chosen to see them, and so when my subconscious picks up on them they’re automatically directed into my conscious awareness.

I can see this argument as possible at times, but always? No.

I acknowledge that, yes, sometimes I feel I’m seeing a certain number sequence but it seems like nothing ever comes of it. If I’ve neither failed to act accordingly nor misinterpreted the message, both of which are possibilities, am I mistaken in my perception of these? This is hard to say.

When we go to school, we take courses that lead to a diploma, but completion of one test or a single night’s homework in and of itself is somewhat insignificant. To correctly see any given number sequence and act on it appropriately (if it requires action of some sort) doesn’t imply any blatant experiential shift or necessitate overt, concrete results.

Plus, the more I develop spiritually and intuitively, the more readily I know if I’m making stuff up, if my ego-mind is just looking for something to bite into. I’ve also had enough positive experiences to prove to myself that Angel Numbers are real.

And really, isn’t that all that matters? Even if I were truly batshit crazy, if Angel Numbers work to my higher good, should it have any bearing on anyone else whether I’m making all this up if it doesn’t in any way harm others? No, it shouldn’t. People just think it should because they’re so afraid of looking within themselves that they become lost in their judgments of the uncommon outward appearances of everyone else.

Another point is that my perception of Angel Numbers began happening to me (and so I’m sure to plenty of others) before I had awareness of their existence. I didn’t first learn of Angel Numbers or the field of numerology and then set out to make it happen.

Consider this experience I had which took place when Angel Numbers were very new to me and my intuition with regard to them was quite weak:

In the two or three days prior to losing my cellphone, with a sort of half-aware awareness, I’d suddenly begun seeing 6 & 8 combinations all over the place. I hadn’t been looking for them or anything, but it had been as if my eyes were suddenly magnetized to them.

It was only after my phone was gone that I’d looked up the meaning of this set of Angel Numbers: 6 implies, in part, material possessions, and 8 implies, in part, nearing of an endpoint. The message was thus, according to Joanne Walmsley:
The 6 and 8 combination may be indicating that a material possession is about to leave your life. If you do not intend to lose or sell anything in your material life, then make a point of changing your thoughts to alter this direction.
I didn’t change anything! I had no idea! The angels clearly knew, but I most certainly did not. Once I lost my phone, my seeing of 6 & 8 combinations ceased immediately.

Seeds of Awareness

Take this for what it’s worth.

Like I’ve said, there are energies that play into our lives whether we know they exist or not. If we pay attention, if we do the research and consult a good numerologist (if only by using the free information they provide on the internet), we can each benefit from the information when we apply it within our lives.

As for Angel Numbers, I’ve provided a brief argument above for doubters, but, well, doubters will doubt—it’s their job. Unlike, say, a Destiny number reading, either you intuitively “get” Angel Numbers or you don’t.

If you do—great! If you don’t, at least you now know they’re a possibility. And this awareness, simple and bland as it may seem, can potentially be a big deal. Because this awareness may be the seed planted within that allows you to begin seeing them.


  1. Hah, my recent receipt from Whole Foods: $44.44. The cashier had to point it out to me. :)

    Been constantly looking at the the clock at 12:34 am & pm for a couple years now! Can only hope that the Angels are right about what I'm doing with my life. :)

    1. I would guess that Angels have a slightly better vantage point. ;-)


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