Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Innocent Victims: An Index of “Childhood Trauma – Series” Posts

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

When a parent or any “authority” figure hurts a child by way of deliberate threat, punishment, “child-rearing,” abuse, neglect, etc. “in the name of love,” this is not love.

It is, you may be quite surprised and shocked to know, a very selfish behavior intent on the protection of one’s egoic self-interests.

This negative behavior is a means of evading the questioning of one’s self- and societally-bestowed “godly”/“authoritative”/“ideal” status, as well as an avoidance of one’s childhood programming (traumas, fears, and false beliefs) that causes old, repressed, personal hurts to be taken out on innocent beings who inadvertently externally reflect those hurts in the present.

Likewise, this maltreatment of helpless, powerless beings allows the perpetrators to maintain the undue respect they carry for their own parents and other “authority” figures: If such people can justify in their own adult lives why it’s acceptable to hurt children, often their own, then they can maintain their justification as to why their parents are not to be held accountable for hurting them as children.

And so it carries on.

Where appearances present an adult hurting a child, the reality is that a child is hurting a child. The adult driving the hurt is behaving as such because, although he or she has matured in body, their psycho-emotional state is still that of a traumatized child.

It is vital for people to understand that children do not arrive inherently damaged; children do not arrive inherently resentful, mannerless, lazy, misbehaving, foul-mouthed, and unkind.

Children become damaged, children become resentful, mannerless, lazy, misbehaving, foul-mouthed, and unkind by the very people who make them that way.

And the only way the cycle stops is by people taking responsibility for and conscious control of their thoughts, actions, and emotions—now.

Yes, sure, people can amble carelessly through life and let the higher energies of those who actually do the hard healing work, right now, to permeate into the collective consciousness and then, slowly, a generation or two later, manifest milder conditions for our kids and grandkids.

But this is the pathetic way out. I therefore hope that people will choose the wiser path.

The future of everyone on this planet depends upon it.

For those who come to experience this future, let us who're here now have something worthwhile to show for our time here.

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