Thursday, October 11, 2018

L'ego Your Ego

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

Ego is not the enemy.

Your ego is not your enemy.

That’s what you may believe, and that’s what New Age-y disinformation may contend, but such is untrue.

Ego is simply the placeholder of personal identity.

All is One, and the One is All. However, we do experience ourselves, illusorily, as separate from this One, or Source, or God. To differentiate and perceive ourselves this way, as “self,” even to the slightest degree, we must take on a personal identity.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this.

If egoic identity is distorted—“I am this; I am not that. This is good; that is bad. They are better than; I am less than. I should always be happy; I should never be sad.”—it’s not appropriate to label it as “bad” or “wrong,” as such, but rather that it’s duality.

Duality is a chosen experience of varied depths of imagined separation. It can be said that the “problem” of ego arises when one becomes so attached to their beliefs about “who I am” and “what it’s all about” that they no longer know themselves as an integral, if appearing distinct, part of everything. They therefore live as though their illusory perceptions of “self and other” and “me vs them” are “reality.”

At this point, a being ceases to learn, change, and evolve naturally due to an innate drive, but may learn, may change, and may seemingly devolve because it’s too busy comparing “Where do I stand in relation to others?” rather than, “Am I being better today than I was yesterday?”; it’s too busy saying to others, “Look at what special me did,” rather than saying to itself, “I feel good about what I’ve accomplished today, regardless of whether anyone approves or knows of it or not.”

The ego always does exactly as it should. It’s just that, in duality, the investment we’ve placed into the ego is so blown out of proportion and so distorted that we can come to think, and believe others when they tell us, that ego is inherently a bad thing and we need to get rid of it.

Ego is one of the greatest constructs in existence.

We just need to learn how to manage its contents appropriately so that we can consciously utilize it for our highest good.

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