Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Reincarnation: Why the Denial by Western Religion?

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

"Hence, as long as one believes that the evil man wears horns, one will not discover an evil man."
--Erich Fromm

The Big Question

Why does Western religion deny the existence of reincarnation?

To answer this, you have to understand the full context.

What Is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation can be described as "the occurrence in which a given soul incarnates into a variety of physical bodies over the course of many lifetimes."

Defined simply and taken at surface value, it doesn't seem there's anything particularly troubling about this. Unless someone is super-identified with their body, is it really that big of a deal if a soul experiences life in a variety of forms and genders in many times and places? Seemingly not.

So if reincarnation is a fact of existence, why would religions, the organizations that claim to know "The One Right Way to God" and "The Truth of Life," continually deny reincarnation's validity?


What the Catholic Church, for example, will say is, "Because the Pope says reincarnation doesn't exist," or, "Because the Word of God that is the Bible—as written by inspired prophets and interpreted by the best scholars—says reincarnation doesn't exist."

Such claims may sound legitimate to the naively faithful, but in reality such reasoning is quite flawed.

Religions use tactics like this in order to direct people to focus on what is happening on their left, as it were, in order to distract them from the less-than-kosher, and often downright evil, activities they are perpetrating on the right.

The Dark Agenda

It begins with fear.

Western religion has always been about inherent inner-filth and subsequent punishment. "Do as the Church/God/Jesus says or you will burn in the fires of eternal damnation in hell. You only get one life to live, so you better not screw it up."

Knowing no better and looking no further, people believe this and it causes them anxiety. "Oh, God! I could go to hell! Forever! What do I have to do to be saved?"

The religions respond with a whole slew of dogma that is overly mysterious, laws that are impossible to follow unerringly, and teachings rooted in “negation over integration” (for instance, "Abstain from sexual practice," instead of, "Understand your sexuality, accept it, and integrate it to become whole and balanced.").

Congregants often being too stubborn and fearful (commonly labeled “faithful”) to look elsewhere, the overly mysterious remains as such even though outsiders may know the truth. The struggle to follow impossible laws is maintained as legit, and the faithful blame themselves for being inherently sinful and willingly absorb the guilt. The stance of "negation over integration" is cause for disaster: Those who choose this path must end up either doing more of what they wish not to do or suppressing what they seek to negate and taking up other negative activities (such as drinking or smoking) in order to cope with the consequent stress.

Adherence is ever a struggle, and this is a serious problem. "You've sinned!" they admonish. "Get to confession! Do penance! You must become worthy in the eyes of God."

Oh, the weight of guilt!

Knowing no better and fearing that any other way is even worse (because this is "The One Right Way"), people become completely obedient to their religions.

Obedience means that one has ceded their inner-power to another. People become dependent upon their religions. "We are unworthy, helpless victims! Save us!"

This allows the religions to seize humans like they are property. And the more property the religions amass, the more power and control they gain.

It's only then natural, of course, to charge property tax, only in this case it's called tithing. "It's your spiritual obligation to pay us at least 10% of your total yearly earnings."

Money! Money! Money! And the levels of power and control increase.

Sometimes religions become so rich and powerful (a-hem… the Roman Catholic Church…), they amass so much property, both people and possessions, that they needn't answer to anyone for anything. They can be the largest crime syndicate on the planet, but they remain immune because they quite literally own and manipulate everything. So powerful, yet phenomenally tricksy, do religions become that very few people ever realize the power the religions wield. And those very few who do realize and speak up are easily snuffed out.

The Real You

What I didn't say when I defined reincarnation was this:

Reincarnation means that we have countless opportunities to learn and grow and stumble and fall and get back up and learn some more and fall again and heal and evolve in to ever-wiser beings.

Reincarnation implies that we are each our own saviors.

Religions don't own us: they are not our masters, and we are not their slaves.

Religions have taken everything from us, and we owe them nothing: no money, no obedience, no personal power—nothing.

In reincarnation, although any given being may have to pay a heavy karmic price for serious harm they've perpetrated against another, their "hell" would be temporary—there is no such thing as "eternal damnation."

Accordingly, although we will all bring some degree of karmic hardship upon ourselves, we are always, always, always, unconditionally loved by God. This means that we never even have to ask God for forgiveness, because God does not perceive any aberration within us, but sees only a reflection of His own self.

We are made "in the image and likeness of God."

Reincarnation implies that souls are eternal and indestructible.

With reincarnation, rampant guilt, anxiety, and fear have no place.

We are loved, and we are safe.

1 Reason Why

And that is why Western religions deny reincarnation:

They're absolutely terrified that we will remember who we truly are.

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