Tuesday, October 16, 2018

To Abort Or Not To Abort? That Is the Question.

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

Is it right to abort a fetus?

The correct answer is…

Right or wrong is irrelevant.

And unless we’re directly involved—i.e.: the partner of the pregnant woman, a requested advisor, or, ultimately, the pregnant woman herself—what anyone else chooses is most likely none of our business.

If a mother, or parents, choose abortion, that is theirs to live with. Whether they are okay with it or feel terrible afterward, that is theirs to live with.

You and I have no right to tell a woman down the street or sixteen-thousand miles away what she should or shouldn’t do with her unborn baby (unless she asks us for advice), and it’s not our burden to carry if she so chooses abortion.

Abortion is an ethical/moral choice, and these types of choices are some of the most personal. There aren’t and cannot, therefore, be any hard-set rule that suits all people of all times and all places under all circumstances.

Religious Arguments

In all likelihood, the first line of defense for what may currently appear as a "Pro-Choice" argument (it's not) is people's religious beliefs.

“But God says…”

Does he? Does he, really? Or is that what religion says that God apparently says?

“Abortion is killing. It’s goes against the 5th Commandment.”

Do you know what’s funny about this, in a very sad kind of way?

Consider one organization that’s forever touting the Ten Commandments: The Roman Catholic Church. They’ve always been adamantly against abortion and contraception, yet the Church is both directly and indirectly responsible for more bloodshed, torture, and death than any other entity on the planet!

“Thou shall not kill! Thou shall not abort fetuses!” Give me a break! Somehow it’s just dandy to slaughter untold millions of innocent non-believers, but it’s not okay for anyone, ever, to abort an unborn child.

The other problem I see with religious arguments is two-fold:

One, religious people tend to be stubborn and closed-minded. Whatever their religion, they are given “the truth” and they often hold on to this “truth” as though there is, most certainly, no other way. Very possibly fearing eternal damnation for failed adherence, personal change and alternative perspectives remain unthinkable.

Two, religious people tend to believe only what they’ve been taught to believe: ideas, concepts, dogma, doctrine, biblical verses, and so on. These are intellectually-based teachings, and they remain intellectual. There is very little heart-based awareness to be found.

Yet, it is this very heart-based awareness which is so desperately needed to adequately grasp a topic such as abortion.

Soul Choice and Agreement

So many people think death is a horrendous thing, but here’s the deal: It’s not.

We’re eternal souls wearing temporary flesh suits. When these bodies expire, our souls pass beyond The Veil and are later reborn into new bodies in another time and place.

Each of these embodied experiences, or lifetimes, is an opportunity for a soul to fulfill certain learning experiences decided upon prior to incarnation.

Sometimes, it is a soul’s choice to experience abortion.

You see, although it doesn’t appear as such from this side of The Veil, we cannot experience any interaction with another soul unless it has been agreed upon by our souls that it will be so.

When a mother chooses to abort her fetus, each has agreed with the other on a soul level—which is to say, it’s unknown to the physically-embodied human’s limited conscious awareness—to have this experience.

Because this is soul-desired, as outsiders we cannot say exactly what the purpose is, other than that as Romans 8:28 puts it: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.”

Admittedly, this quote is taken out of context. And so although it may seem atrociously misplaced, I want you to bear with me for a moment.

Suppose a woman had been spiraling down a negative path in life. When she found out she was pregnant, she decided to have an abortion. What she didn’t expect, however, was that in doing so, she’d become overwhelmed with sorrow. And it was this sorrow that woke her up, so to speak, and not only helped to set her on a much better life path, but enabled her to help those who are themselves struggling to overcome their own abortion-related dilemmas.

In this instance, no, the child had never been born. But, should anyone see the bigger picture, how can anyone say that it’s a horrible thing? Two souls made an agreement, and one of them, as an unborn child, gave of itself to help this tragically lost woman to find her way in life.

How many women might now find healing due to this woman’s support? How many women might now forgo abortion and choose to give their unborn children life due to this woman’s support?

Of course, the story of this one woman is not the story of all women who choose abortion. What of the women (or others who’re directly involved) who don’t feel sorrow or don’t get the impetus for a more positive path?

One of humanity’s greatest problems is that we see and judge by what is immediately in appearance before us. And unless something has become an accepted norm (like schooling, for example, in which it’s perfectly acceptable to go $75,000 into debt over the course of years before beginning to pay it off), we lean heavily toward rejecting what immediately appears to us as outrageous.

We have to understand that our ability to see The Truth is so incredibly small. We have so many beliefs and fears that paint our worldviews in so many different, and usually erroneous, ways. We have no idea how things are going to work out in 700 years, 700 days, or even 700 milliseconds from now. We have little to no idea what our own soul paths are, much less the soul paths of anyone else.

We have no room, then, to say that abortion is wrong or bad in all circumstances. If abortion is here, and it is, then God knows about it, and God will find a way to take care of it to any extent that it needs to be taken care of.

God’s work is an “inside job,” meaning that God works for the higher good through willing souls who incarnate here on Earth, however brief their lives may be.

Beliefs and fears be damned, people need to find some inner-clarity and learn to put some trust into God. Although we may be repulsed by the appearances of such a circumstance as abortion, the greater good is always part of the design. Sometimes this simply isn’t evident and takes much longer to manifest than we would like, but our gross misinterpretation of reality and the subsequent force we use in attempt to hasten certain ends definitely doesn’t help.

Duality: The War that Cannot Be Won

For the abortion issue to come to its optimal conclusion (whatever that may look like), the following must be recognized:

Individually and collectively, Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choicers are playing the same separatist, “us vs them” game. Neither side is actually better than the other because both continue thirsting for “war.” Neither side can or will ever win because neither wishes to engage their heart center.

And just like the mothers who abort their unborn babies, so too are the Pro-Lifers and the Pro-Choicers in a soul agreement:

“Let us fight each other. Let us battle each other until we are exhausted; until we come to see, individually and collectively, that fighting is not The Way. Let us battle until we remember that loving acceptance of other is The Way; until we remember that loving acceptance of other is The Only Way.”

In duality, there is no push without a pull, and no pull without a push. As long as there are those willing to fight against abortion, there will always be those willing to fight for abortion, and vice versa. Both parties hold equal responsibility for the abortion war’s perpetuation.

Abortion or otherwise, although “the enemy” appears to be working against us, he is instead pushing us to exhaustion that we may detach and become free. If we wish for “the best,” we must find our heart centers, and we must remain there.

Realizing unconditional love and acceptance of others, whatever their choices may be, is the soul lesson. We must make our embodied choices wisely if we wish to pass.


In the fight of “Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice,” each side is forever attempting to thrust upon the other their own set of ethics.

Although at the soul level this is a choice, in embodiment this is interference. The former has a higher purpose, while the latter is merely selfish.

Forcing our position onto others removes from them their right to make free will choices.

How do any of us like it when someone tells us how we “should” do something when we’ve not asked, when we’re not ready to hear it, when we’re not ready to make that change?

We hate it. We get angry. We push the other person away.

So why would we then force our agenda onto others, and regarding such a potent moral issue, at that?

Just as we have life lessons to learn, so, too, do others have life lessons to learn, and we must all learn them in our own timing and in our own ways. To attempt intercession for others as though we know better is to bring harm and reveals that we, in fact, don’t know better.

However, if we truly want to know (and to do) better, then we need to…

Change the Cause, Not the Effect

If you’re of the mindset that abortion is totally okay, and I believe it to be totally wrong, it’s a complete waste of time, energy, and resources for me to attend a March for Life in DC, to post trite bumper stickers on my car, or to use arguments such as, “Unborn babies are God’s children,” “Abortionists are murderers,” or other similar personal perspective-focused ideas.

As “obvious” as these “facts” may seem to me, to you, the Pro-Choicer, these ideas will appear as though I’m trying to jam my opinion down your throat—because that’s exactly what I’m doing—and you will take up a defensive position automatically. The same would be so if you, a Pro-Choicer, try to outright dump your beliefs on me.

That said, we must gain an understanding of other peoples’ beliefs and emotions since these are the cause of their current behavior. Absent force (and thus harm), it’s impossible to change another without stirring them internally, without giving them personally-resonant reasoning to consider our alternative as viable.

Yet in order to gain this understanding, we are required to first come to understand ourselves.

Which leads to a fascinating plot twist:

We cannot understand ourselves unless we change. But in changing, we must come to the realization that we’ve changed the cause and so there must result a different effect. Indeed, provided enough self-understanding, we might well find that the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice duality is not ours to engage in.

After all, the most likely reason this dualistic experience had been so prevalent in our life path is because of our own internally-resonant imbalance with regard to it. When we wholeheartedly decide to leave the drama, the drama will leave us.

Alchemizing Sadness into Compassion

Seeing that a relative few folks may "get" the message and walk away but most probably wouldn't, there might arise concern for the perpetuation of the abortion war. This may cause sadness.

“I’m doing the inner work and I’m seeing positive changes, but unborn babies are still being aborted, people are still forcing their ideas down others’ throats, and the suffering goes on.”

In such cases, it’s useful to see that these circumstances will exist wherever there is duality consciousness.

It doesn’t matter if the argument is about abortion, nationality, race, religion, or what the optimal food is to eat for breakfast on the second Saturday of November. As long as there is separation consciousness, there will be things that sadden us. Yet it is of individual choice whether we will attach, and thus increase duality and suffering, or become unattached.

Nothing needs to be said about the consequences of attachment, for that is what the majority of this writing is about.

As for detachment, although this might sound impersonally numb, it actually allows more feeling and more heart awareness than any other state.

Detachment opens us to a tremendous level of compassion and understanding. We become able to see from a much wider, unconditionally loving and accepting perspective.

From this space of empathetic clarity, we can then intuitively act or stay in any given situation for the highest good of self and other.

Indeed, this is the state of being "in the world, not of it" because labels and sides such as "Pro-Life" and "Pro-Choice" become irrelevant.

We allow ourselves to be who we truly are, to express what naturally comes through us, without the interference of external indoctrination and regardless of what anyone else says. We willingly allow others to make their own choices with the understanding that it's okay and they have their own paths to follow just as we have our own. We become "Pro-Wisdom," "Pro-Acceptance," "Pro-Compassion," and spontaneously live whatever these qualities may call for.

And detachment removes us from the karmic, push-pull drama of the abortion war, which is, consequently, the fastest way to bring it to it's optimal conclusion.

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