Tuesday, May 7, 2019

You're Human, Joe. So Be Human!

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

This one goes out to the overly identified, average Joe (and Jane, but Jane must at times read between the lines; the “why” will be quite evident soon enough…).

Dear Joe,

God put you here as a human. So stop trying to be not-human.

We’re all unique and we’re all at least a little bit screwed up, you included, and we don’t help ourselves by rejecting what we are.

While some aspects of ourselves are distorted to one degree or another and must be healed, other aspects only appear distorted because we believe and thus perceive them to be so. Were the false beliefs resolved, we might continue on with these things in joy and gratitude for their existence in our lives.

That Man “Thing”

For example, Joe, you as a man (or so we’ll assume with the name of “Joe”) have a thing between your legs called a penis.

Many men pretend that this thing is not there. They’re afraid to touch it like it’s going to bite them, they’ll grow hair on their palms, they’ll go blind, or God will send them straight to hell if it happens to become erect.

Lots of men grow big ol’ tummies as not to scar their eyesight should they catch even a peripheral glance of it. This increase in body fat serves to deepen the repression further because it causes issues which effect as a decrease in libido and impotence.

That people accept this is unsettling. A General would not be okay if there were a Private in his presence that refused to stand at attention. You shouldn’t be okay with it either.

You might yet disagree, Joe, but a penis is actually a pretty happenin’ thing; it’s a very human (and otherwise mammalian) thing. What makes it unhappenin’ and “unhuman” is a bunch of stupid ideas that you’ve been taught by the wacky religio-cultural traditions of our world.

They’d gotten people to believe their lies many long years ago, they’d enforced the lies in many traumatic ways, and the collective has carried the lies and trauma forward through the ages. But they’re just that: lies.

If you would take some time to look within, you would see this. You would see that you’ve been taught to shun your humanism for the selfish desires of others, at a major cost to you and to no benefit whatsoever.

Keep in mind that God did put that thing there, after all. So rather than seeing it as an inherent evil, try seeing it as part of a tool-based lesson.

Suppose you have an overeating eating disorder. Physically speaking, your tools are food, digestion, hunger, etc., and your lesson might be to substitute the fast-food and doughnuts for real food, to get off the sofa and go to the gym, and to stop working for your parents’ approval and do something that nourishes your soul. No lesson would be learned by going to an extreme such as having gastric bypass surgery or deciding that food is evil and then becoming anorexic.

The situation with your man-business is more or less the same. Learn to see it as a tool rather than an inherent curse. Stop repressing it’s needs, get in touch with yourself (inside, I mean, but outside is good, too), and use it how it was meant to be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

Your Spiritual Essence

Joe, you may have heard the saying that we’re not human beings who have spiritual experiences but spiritual beings who have human experiences.

We must then assume, if we don’t know, that there is some greater significance to being spirits embodied as humans than merely “getting through” and then, hopefully, going to heaven.

But many people don’t assume this, and so, for fear of going to hell for eternity while simultaneously feeling terrible guilt and believing themselves unworthy of heaven, they take on a “spiritual” identity. This can operate in different guises, but I’d like to tell you about a particular circumstance from my own life in which I had experienced this…

Just after having a spiritual awakening around ten years ago, I felt strongly compelled to get rid of most of my belongings. In this were my video games and consoles and about 200 CDs.

There were certainly other reasons this has happened that I won’t touch on right now, but it seem to me that it was partly due to a need to purge out discordant internal programs such as, “I am a spiritual person,” and, “I have to act like a spiritual person.”

I think I had detach from my earthly identity and act out enough of the “spiritual” identity to see that “being spiritual” is nonsense.

For, now, ten years hence, after having done a great deal of healing, I’m finding myself attracted to similar games and music again. This attraction is not in quite the same way, but it I’m unmistakably interested, nonetheless.

What I’ve come to see, Joe, is that I’m meant to be in touch with my spiritual nature, to deepen my connection with my true, spiritual Self and to learn Life’s spiritual lessons that only come in physical form—but I’m also here to honor those physically-oriented things that “click” with me.

Even if you’re not in the midst of a spiritual awakening, you’re still in the same boat because you are also a spiritual being having a human experience. If you truly have an issue that’s causing you to harm yourself or others, then you would do well to heal it. But if something you’re doing isn’t exactly “productive” or “divine” or whatever, so what?

Enjoy being a human being while being a human being. God’s not sending anyone to hell just because they enjoy playing Mario Kart or listening to The Offspring or kicking a soccer ball around or driving an expensive sports car. It’s far less about what you do than how you do it; than the perspective from which you do it.

Such Is How It Is Until It Isn’t

Misguided and prodded on by a messed up world culture, you, Joe, like everyone else, have bought into all sorts of silly ideas.

One example of this would be if you were to act as though it’s your personal responsibility to single-handedly save the environment by recycling everything, using less gas by shifting your car into neutral every time you drive down a hill, and so on.

While recycling and lessening your usage of gas and other similar behaviors are in their essence helpful, what’s not helpful at all is carrying the guilt that compels false responsibility and unhealthy behaviors.

It serves no one to be wasteful or destructive, but let’s be realistic: We’re human beings doing human things, and we will do things as we do them until we do them differently.

Be a human being, Joe. Drive a car if you need to drive a car. If a bike or a bus or a carpool with the neighbors truly works, fine. But trying to “save” is often the hard way, not because, say, our means aren't yet efficient enough, but because of the faulty internal programming it’s based on.

Do what feels right, not what your ego forces down your throat because government “authorities” have continued to guilt-trip you into believing that you are solely responsible for climate change.

And get this… It is only in being human—in accepting ourselves and Life as it is—that Life will gift us with the awareness of Real Solutions to the problems that actually exist.

For example, were you not totally fixated on the imaginary “problem” that ,Oil is a scarce commodity, and I have to be super careful how much I use, and blah, blah, blah, Life would begin to show you how The System is really designed and present you with alternate ways to more easefully work within The System while lessening your support of it.

Would enough people detach, The System would fail and alternate, more ideal means would proliferate.

Being human can be amazingly difficult. Sadly, most of this difficulty is completely unnecessary and occurs only because people are unable to accept their own humanity.

Freedom Is Your Birthright

We’ve all been taught to see with tunnel vision, Joe. We’ve all been taught limitation of personality, like Person A has to have traits 1, 2, and 3, and Person B has to have traits 4, 5, and 6, and Person C has to have traits 7, 8, and 9, and none can overlap or become the other, nor can any take on traits $, @, or }. God save he who dares to become Person V^ with traits 3, 16d, and %.

This is what we’ve been calling “normal,” and our society worships it only because everyone is so caught up in the lies. They fear accepting that everything they’ve learned and become is false, so they repress themselves and condemn and punish those who act with any degree of deviancy.

In reality, in truth behind all the facades, we’re all far more like Person V^ than Person A, B, or C. By “civilized” standards truly healthy people are anything but “normal,” yet “normal” in a society as distorted as ours is fantastically unhealthy.

We live in a society, Joe, where we’ve been taught things like drinking alcohol to in-toxic-ation is just dandy, and where it’s totally honorable for hundreds of thousands of teenagers to sign up to go off to foreign lands and murder, or be murdered by, “enemies” in the name of “freedom,” “peace,” and “God.”

But, for example, if someone dyes their hair bright green and then goes to church, people freak out about how awful the person is. “That is so disrespectful to God! She should be ashamed of herself!”

Is it? Should she? Or is it “so disrespectful to God” that most people are wallowing endlessly in a state of repression and fear of being true to themselves; of being the unique, creative, and free human beings God has intended each of us to be? (1)

Think about it: You don’t have to force a child to play or draw or sing or dance. The child does these things automatically and spontaneously.

What the child doesn’t do—what no child does—automatically and spontaneously is wake up at 7:00 am sharp Monday through Friday, eat the same breakfast, put on the same uniform, spend eight hours sitting at a desk while rehearsing his emotionally stifling standardization etiquette, and so on.

All such behaviors are forced and must be constantly reinforced lest they be lost and a reversion to freedom result.

Adults are nothing more than System-zombified children… Except those who we remember because they’d done something significant to improve the world: these being the same people who refused to let repression and standardization consume them.

Choose Humanism

We’re not human beings who have spiritual experiences but spiritual beings who have human experiences.

By all means, Joe, if you truly feel compelled to lead a path of abstinence that drives full-bore toward the spiritual, I’m not suggesting that be avoided—assuming you do it in a non-repressive manner.

This is probably not the case for you, however, because it’s not the case for most people. So have a human experience. Live your life at the level of consciousness you exist in, not fourteen levels higher. Welcome the spiritual into your life, but welcome in the human, too.

The latter is, after all, why you’re having a human experience: Not to run away from your humanness into what you imagine is “spirituality,” but to open to and integrate your true spiritual nature into your human form as you explore the unending diversity of physical existence.

You're human, Joe, so be human!


(1) It’s only natural that people might argue of this point, “But bright green hair in church is so distracting.” Is it really? Or is the distraction the mental-emotional state from which people are viewing the situation that causes them to refuse acceptance of what is, to divert their attention, and to blame it judgmentally on “other”? If bright green hair were common, no one would think anything of it… Maybe when babies cry their mothers should put duct tape over their mouths or lock them in the car with closed windows until the service is over… A bit over-the-top, no? But increasingly unhealthy reactivity is what happens when we focus on solving effects rather than causes: “Let me try to control others, because I'm unable to control my own thoughts.”

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