Thursday, June 6, 2019

There's Nothing Left To Learn In the Old World

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

The Old World is dying.

You may not think it because the Old World has so much momentum and, to many, a siren-song-attractive voice, but dying it is.

It’s for this reason that there’s nothing left to learn in the Old World.

A New World is being born, and the ways of the Old are becoming increasingly dysfunctional.

All the while, to say that there’s nothing left to learn in the Old World is not to say that there’s nothing left to learn from the Old World.

The Old must be let go of, but the New can only come as a consequence of learning from our errors, or that which has continually brought us more pain and suffering. We have to learn from the past so that we can release it and move into the future.

The Dead-End of Cancer Research

To explain what I mean, let’s consider cancer as an example.

The Old World perspective has the following focal point:

Here is a problem. How do we manage it?

Many people may believe that the medical establishment is attempting to find a cure for cancer, but this is not so since the basis on which the research is being done—which is subconscious to the vast majority of people—is inconsistent with a cure being available.

The way our collective lives unfold is nothing more than a mirror of what lies within us collectively.

Here in the US, when a person gets cancer they’re more or less forced to take any or all of three treatment options: radiation, surgery, and/or chemotherapy—all of which are damaging to the body and put cancer patients through a fantastical amount of pain and suffering before they experience a lull in cancerous activity usually only to have their cancer flare up and kill them.

So few people understand that the reason these three options are the only options is because as a collective we firmly believe that the medical establishment is doing all they can to seek a cure while using the best methods currently available. In a way people are horribly mistaken in this belief, but they’re also quite right in the sense that we’ve been pouring billions of dollars into cancer research seeking a cure.

Seeking. (And often, in the epitome of dead-end duality, fighting for a cure.)

This logic may sound so ridiculous because one must seek to find, but you must understand: The currently accepted view by the collective, if unconscious, is that cancer is here to stay. This means that cure-seeking is here to stay.

Remember the overarching viewpoint: Here is a problem. How do we manage it?

Our focus is not oriented toward solutions but merely management, and so there has to be another underlying assumption, and belief, that a solution may either never be found or is out in the future somewhere, maybe in the year 2046 or 2252.

So, if we “know” that cancer is here to stay, then how could we ever arrive at a cure?

A New View

We now need to shift our viewpoint:

Here is a problem. How do we prevent it from arising at all?

Instead of keeping on with potentially endless cancer research, which at this point is typically nothing more than a broken way of “looking forward,” we have to look backwards.

The fact of the matter is, we already know plenty about cancer and it’s hardly taken us anywhere. What we need to do now is say, “Hey, cancer never existed, or perhaps only very rarely at best, until the modern day. What happened?”

Well, we started…
  • spraying heavy metals in our skies,
  • including toxic substances in our cleaning products,
  • spraying our crops with pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides,
  • loading our vaccines with heavy metals and other toxic substances,
  • genetically modifying our food,
  • speed-growing cattle with poor diets and excess hormones,
  • IV-dripping cancer patients with a carcinogenic substance,
  • plentifully eating foods that contain little to no nutritional value,
  • bogging our bodies down with refined sugar,
  • allowing manufacturers do dump their toxic waste right into rivers,
  • absorbing 5G radiation from cell towers and other electronic devices,
  • and on and on.
You see, there’s really no need to do any further research on cancer, at least not in the Old World way so much of the research is currently done.

We might look into how a given substance is harming the body. For example, knowing that Monsanto’s Roundup is causing cancer is vital in order to get rid of both the product and the psychopathic company and to possibly find a means by which to neutralize the toxic substance glyphosate.

In large part, however, resolution is a matter of common sense: Quit it with all the toxicity! No one has ever polluted themselves and their world like we have, and no one has ever been so near to self-extinction.

When the Wright brothers were working out how to build a functional means of air travel, they never said, “Errmm… attempting to fly this particular model is clearly going to end badly, but let’s ride it off of that there cliff and pretend to fly before we crash and burn in the boulder field below. At least we can be remembered for going out trying.”

How incredibly foolish are we to see that nearly everything we do is destroying us and yet act either like it’s not actually that bad or like, “Well, it’s the best we could do.” Really? …Really!?

And I’m well aware that there are many alternative treatments to cancer that have been heavily suppressed since they actually work, don’t cause massive amounts of pain, suffering, fear, and death, and would put Big Pharma out of business in a hurry if they became known to the general public.

As critical as it is that these treatment alternatives become mainstream, it doesn’t in any way lessen the importance of what I said just a moment ago. Whether treatment is quick and pain-free or slow and agonizing, we’re all still living in a world where cancer-causing agents are bountiful.

To focus primarily on how cancer functions or how to keep it in check completely ignores the innumerable causes of cancer. Would these causes be addressed appropriately, cancer research would need only be done to the extent that cancer patients receive healing and that various methods be found to counteract any remaining cancer-causing threats (for example, plastic molecules that stick in the body “forever”).

Cancer could then become completely irrelevant to humanity.

Cancer is not a fact of life—it’s what we get for thoroughly ignoring the facts of life.


Existence is whole.

What this means is that there is no problem without a solution. Both arise together, although in the duality-minded, time-based form of experience they may seem to be separate, or a given solution may seem to not exist at all.

The Old World is dying, but it is a world of problems. We now have to accept these problems, which are the unresolved consequences of our past actions, as being in the domain of wholeness so that we can acquire their solutions and move on.

In the New World such problems don’t exist. The solutions aren’t of the New World either but are the steps we must necessarily take toward it.

It is our linking of problem to solution that releases us from the Old, dualistic view and lifestyle, reveals to us the non-dualistic nature of existence, and ushers us right into the New World.

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