Monday, July 8, 2019

It's the Thought That Counts… Very. Very. Literally.

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

What you put out is what you get back…
So if what you think you’re putting out is not what you’re getting back,
then you’re not putting out what you think you’re putting out.


If you have thoughts of eating a banana, the result will not be you jumping off a cliff.

If you think about jumping off a cliff, the result will not be you eating a banana.

But if you think enough about either eating a banana or jumping off a cliff, and you think it with enough emotional drive, you will sooner or later experience the direct result of what you’d been thinking: you will eat a banana or jump off a cliff, respectively.

And, if you think enough about both eating a banana and jumping off a cliff, well, you may end up jumping off a cliff while eating a banana.

The Thought

This concept may sound obvious to the point of silliness when described in this way.

But a great many people live every day of their lives as if it weren’t so; as if their thoughts only matter when it’s convenient to them for their thoughts to matter.

It truly is “the thought that counts” because thought always precedes action.

Thought creates in spirit prior to physical manifestation. When fed enough energy, spiritual form manifests as physical form.

Thoughts matter because matter is physicalized thought.

This is especially true of subconscious thought. The band will play on regardless of whether or not the conductor is present—it’s just that, when he’s not, the result is a cacophony rather than a symphony.


Consider the following metaphorical example of what so many people experience in all aspects of life, time and time again, in which regardless of how much physical effort they put in they just cannot accomplish what they’d set out to accomplish…

Suppose you’re looking for a relationship. You take actions such as connecting with people on social media and dating websites, regularly attending social events and getting involved in multiple recreational clubs, improving your dress and putting your charm on, and so forth.

Five years later, you’re at home depressed and despairing because you’d become far more active but, in five whole years, never had a single date.

Surely, action is not your problem. Indeed, if thought had no bearing on action, you should be doing just dandy.

But it’s the thought that counts, and you never wanted to face your beliefs—which are created by and then drive the way you think—that “Oral hygiene isn’t that big of a deal.”

Your bad breath is a repellent, and the rot on your teeth looks awful. You know it’s a problem, but your fear of going to the dentist, which you conveniently cover up with the “Oral hygiene isn’t that big of a deal” belief, had sealed your fate before you’d even begun.

First, Change the Cause

The physical world is all about appearances; the physical world is merely an effect.

Everything that happens physically is an effect, or a result/consequence of causal thoughts.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the world of things and believe that if we want different results then we must simply do more of what we’re already doing or do something different.

But since our thoughts precede everything, since thoughts are the cause of the physical, we must necessarily think differently to receive different effects in the physical.

Quite often this means that we have to address subconscious beliefs, fears, and repressed emotions and traumas. All of these things fuel the thoughts we have, usually for the worse.

You See As You Be

You must also be mindful that the range you perceive of the overall spectrum of life potentials, possibilities, and in-the-moment happenings is limited to your way of thinking.

Due to the Law of Free Will, it is not given to you to see what is outside of your range of beliefs (unless deemed necessary and/or appropriate due to some other higher, soul choice).

So, for example, you could be struggling to do a certain “thing” and repeatedly have crappy results. It doesn’t matter whether it’s something small that you tried a few times in one day and gave up or it’s something significant that has stretched out over the course of years or decades and you keep trying but keep crashing. The point is that your efforts forever go to pot.

This is due to what you’re thinking consciously and, mostly, subconsciously. If you would see and remove the offending patterns, you would most assuredly see positive results.

Out of the blue you’d get an a-ha! moment. Or suddenly a book that describes a viable solution would come into your life. Or you’d unexpectedly meet a random person at the bus stop who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows this other guy’s cousin, who could help you resolve your issue. Or maybe you’d just give up altogether because that “thing” simply wouldn’t resonate with you since it had been driven by “foreign” ideas.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

In this case, “When the mind is open, the ideal path appears.”

The End… Or Is It?

All I’ve addressed so far has been about this life, about living in a human body.

Obviously, this is crucial information because, well, life tends toward being flat-out sucky when we neither give our thoughts their due attention nor make any healing changes.

But what of thinking in the afterlife?

Before, after, and regardless of your body is your mind. Your body is dependent upon your mind, but your mind is not dependent upon your body.

Every day of your life, you have thoughts, thoughts, and more thoughts, most of which you have little if any power over as they play through your head and innumerable of which you seek to avoid by means of one coping mechanism or five others.

What do you suppose will happen when your body dies?

What do you suppose will happen when you no longer have a physical experience to distract your attention with, but only your mind’s raucous thought-causes that you’d never addressed while embodied?

Will you even know that your physical experience has ended, considering that all of your thoughts, and thus all your perceptions, are attachments to a physical body in a physical experience?

Avoiding your inconvenient and uncomfortable thoughts now may seem like a great idea, but when these thoughts are all you’ve got…

Sounds like hell, to me.

And what if your faith in religion and its “auto-save” feature ends up being a mistaken acceptance of one of the greatest lies ever told?

The importance of this issue cannot be overstated.

It truly is the thought that counts.

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