Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Only Thing You Ever Truly Have

by John Boodhansingh of Zero Mindfulness

There’s something that’s been bugging me for quite a while now, and I can tell you that it is neither Donald Trump nor COVID-19. In fact, those two things have long been the least of my concern.

What bugs me is that ever since Trump had announced his run for presidency and the mainstream media (MSM) and far left began hating on him to an extreme, and even more so ever since this coronavirus debacle began with the MSM, politicians, and health officials pushing an obviously corrupt agenda of control and disinformation, I keep hearing people say, “I don’t know who to believe anymore.”

All the while, they continue seeking out their information from the very sources that leave them feeling so uncertain.

Even when a rare voice of reason comes along and offers them commentary and evidence to point out specifically where the errors are in the official narrative, they still insist on throwing up their “I don’t know, I don’t get it” hands and burying their heads right back into the same heap of confusion from which they had just partially pulled out of.

It never seems to occur to these people for a single moment,
What if I make myself the authority of my life and of what is true and false rather than giving all of my power away to others and letting them dictate what they want the truth to be?
It never seems to occur to these people that they have the power to think for themselves.

It never seems to occur to these people that they can proceed through life without requiring some so-called “authority” to tell them everything they should think.

It never seems to occur to these people that, when they hear 400 different perspectives about a given topic from their coworkers, their family, the MSM, and politicians, they don’t have to hold onto every single perspective as having the same validity, especially giving more weight to the latter.

It never seems to occur to these people that when someone bears the title of “authority,” whether (seemingly) by law (e.g.: politicians) or merely by conventional thinking (e.g.: the media), it has absolutely no bearing on whether such a person is honest or dishonest.

Which bring us to the point of cognitive dissonance.

Because there are a lot of people (the same ones as discussed above) who actually do recognize that the vast majority of politicians, MSM reporters, big business leaders, and so on are dishonest. Nevertheless, these people still adamantly refuse to release their ancient beliefs that “authority is authority, and authority is infallible and unchallengeable.”

There is an ever-raging battle going on in peoples’ minds between their own suppressed awareness of what is true, right, and good, on one side, and their overbearing need to trust in and comply with those they perceive to be their “superiors,” even though wrong, false, and bad, on the other.

People know they’re being lied to, yet they insistently choose to believe these lies, as though “authoritative” lies are inherently more valid that self-realized truths and common sense.

A lot of people right now are saying, “This country is in jeopardy,” and, “The Constitution is being torn to pieces.”

While this may be accurate, it also completely misses a much greater point:

The country and the Constitution are absolutely meaningless without people who cannot think for themselves, without people who realize themselves as their own authority.

Without free thinkers who believe in their own innate power to discern the truth, this country becomes a borderless piece of earth-space with herds of humans living on it; the Constitution becomes nothing but a wisely written document for a people and a country that might have been.

What is in jeopardy, right now, what is being torn to shreds, right now, is peoples’ ability to think freely and confidently.

Without free, self-empowered thinking there is nothing.

When we lose that, we lose everything.

The truth is very selfish, because the truth doesn’t care what you or I believe, nor does it care if it makes you feel comfortable or not—it simply tells itself like it is 100% of the time.

Will you accept this truth, a truth you already know deep within you?

Or will you throw away completely the only thing you ever really have—your capacity to think for yourself—and, in consequence, the truth itself?

The country and Constitution are a few grains of sand on a beach compared to what is really at stake.