Welcome to “Zero Mindfulness.”

I’m John Boodhansingh.

I’ve made this space to creatively express experiences and insights in regard to spiritual awakening and the healing of dis-integration within.

Know, however, that I don’t have the answers or truths you’re looking for. Why? Because you have them. I’m just here to help you see what you already know within; to be a mirror of your innate knowing.

I provide this by means of a crap-free approach to healing, truth, and spirituality—with occasional humor.

As you’ll find by reading almost any blog post, my writing is, shall I say, “concentrated.” Meaning: I don’t beat around the bush to make my points. I don’t sugar-coat. If there’s something that needs to be said, I will say it. I’m not here to make you happy or comfortable, to be a savior or do magic. I’m here to help you see through the density of programming imposed by society, religion, and all the rest of “the establishment” so you can remember the true you.

Sometimes this may feel uncomfortable. However, as discomfort is the key to healing, if you do the work, you will learn and you will heal. The key to heaven’s gate is forged in the fires of hell.

My work is styled this way both because it’s the way the work naturally comes through me and because it’s the way I am in my own self-healing process. I will not give to you what I cannot or would not give to myself.

In Be Here Now in the section “The Course of Sadhana,” Ram Dass writes: “At first you try. Later you just do your sadhana because, ‘What else is there to do?’”

To me, awakening is the gift of gifts, bestowing eyes that see and ears that hear… and then some.

Just as I have no intentions of wasting my own process of awakening, I have no intentions of wasting yours. If you don’t consider yourself “awakening” but are simply working on self-development/-healing, that’s fine too.

By the mere fact that you have come this far suggests to me that life is right now giving you the opportunity to receive aid in the greatest discovery any human being can make—one's very self.

Will you take it?

I look forward to meeting you on the path.